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LUCA School of Arts is the only university college in Flanders exclusively dedicated to art and design, making it unique in the region. The art school combines the strengths and expertise of five renowned Flemish higher education institutions for art and design, spread across Brussels, Genk, Ghent and Leuven. Most of the programmes are in taught in Dutch, but LUCA offers several full-English MA programmes on its campuses in Brussels, Genk and Leuven.

MA in Audiovisual Arts: Film & Animation Film

The Film Master offers a one-year, full-time arts education program in film making. Its goal is to build the profile of an independent and professional film director / film artist whose understanding of contemporary cinema culture is informed by a strong sense of aesthetics and ethics. The student’s individual practice is the basic point of reference throughout the program and leads to the graduation project that includes both a single-screen film work and a written essay. The program puts great emphasis on the interaction between the school’s input and the student’s contribution. It builds on skills gathered in a Film or Audio-visual Arts Bachelor Program and offers no specific training anymore in terms of acting directing, lighting, editing, script writing and so forth. It offers instead a continuous program of mandatory activities that includes workshops, seminars, lectures, presentations by visiting filmmakers and visual artists, group presentations, group discussions, film screenings and excursions to exhibitions that offer a wide range of ideas and positions from the contemporary field of cinema culture and audio-visual arts.

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MA in Visual Arts - Fine Arts 

In the Master programme of Fine Arts in Brussels there are no restrictions in terms of medium or technique. All technical facilities on campus are at the disposal of students. The only imperative is the imperative of art. In practice this implies a focus on visual and conceptual finesse, productive self-questioning, and an imaginative approach to research. The student’s artistic intuition is not banned from the workfloor, but it may be critically dissected – out of respect rather than mistrust. The MFA group forms an international micro-community inside the school and, more broadly, inside the city; individual work is done in close contact with others. Student output will be framed and reframed by peers, directly and indirectly, using impulses generated in group discussions, theory seminars, guest lectures, workshops and excursions. The flourishing contemporary art scene in Brussels will act both as sounding board and medium of reception.

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More information: contact bk.brussel@luca-arts.be

MA in Visual Arts - Media & Information Design

In the master year Graphic Design you can choose between a specialisation in Media & Information Design or Graphic Storytelling. As an MA student, you'll choose your own project and formulate your own relevant research questions. You'll demonstrate that you are able to work critically and innovatively within your chosen discipline or able to initiate multidisciplinary projects. You'll work in a productive and stimulating environment in which confrontation and communication with other students and tutors are the driving force for deepening your own work..

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More information: Contact bk.brussel@luca-arts.be

MA in Visual Arts - Graphic Storytelling

Our Graphic Storytelling course, unique in Belgium and on an international level, is situated in Brussels, the Mecca of sequential art. Brussels has an undeniable appeal to young international students with a passion for drawing and narration. You will make a graphic narrative during one year. This ‘Master project’ consists of formulating your theme, learning how to create your story and how to tell the story in images. Graphic Storytelling is an academic course, which means that we stimulate research, creative solutions, authenticity, originality and the artistic quality of both story and images. We believe it is important that you find your own voice in storytelling during the process.

More information: Contact bk.brussel@luca-arts.be

MA in Visual Arts - Photography

In the master year Photography, you'll take one step further in the development of your artistic identity. Throughout the year you'll work on a MA project, guided by two mentors who will help you to broaden and enrich your horizons. You'll not only realise an artistic project but also write a thesis in which you reflect on your artistic practice.    

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More information: Contact bk.brussel@luca-arts.be


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Deciding on a programme is hard enough without having to know about credit transfers, exemptions and ECTS. That's why our colleagues of the International Office and the Student administration will be online to answer your questions. 

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Application Information Master's Degree Programmes

To begin a master's degree you must hold a bachelor's degree. Some bachelor's degrees give direct access to a specific master's programme; sometimes you may need to follow a preparatory programme before you can start a master's degree.

The application and enrollment procedure at LUCA School of Arts consists in general of three steps. First you will have to submit an online Admissions application in which you will be asked to upload certain documents required for the Admissions’ diploma and language check. The second step continues with your participation in a Master Assessment. Step three is the final and binding (online) registration.

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