STUK - House for dance, Image and Sound

STUK chooses for dance, image and sound and all hybrid forms in between.
The presentation of artistic work in an inspiring context is key: in this house artists develop and create new work, people take part in courses and workshops and we reflect upon art and the world together with our audience.

STUK works from within a dynamic university town and considers the social context art arises from as an integral aspect of its working field. Our balanced programme combines international reference work and exciting new forms. Our audience is just as diverse: next to students and adults, we now also reach children and youths with the Young Audience Programme.

STUK builds an arts centre of the future by linking art with education, science, youth work, training and more. STUK takes care of artists and audience, brings them together and looks for an active relation between them. That way, STUK wants to be a motor for the arts field.

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BAC ART LAB is a workspace for contemporary art at KU Leuven, which provides space for creation, presentation, and encounter.

BAC ART LAB is a multidisciplinary environment and is open to students and staff members of the KU Leuven Association who work in the visual and audio-visual arts, performing arts, sound art, and design.

BAC ART LAB seeks to create space for talent development, exchange, and experimentation.

BAC ART LAB is a centre for art and science. It focuses on artistic trajectories at the intersection of art and research. It provides a home for new educational methods that combine theory and practice.

BAC ART LAB is based at the former Institute of Bacteriology on Vital Decosterstraat. An exceptional monument of the university’s heritage in the heart of Leuven has thus been given a new purpose for the coming years.

BAC ART LAB seeks to become a new cultural stakeholder in dialogue with the existing cultural landscape. It seeks to facilitate and foster closer ties between the city and the university.

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About Common Grounds

The COMMON GROUNDS course is an experimental practice based research into the cross-media applications of the various aspects of image and sound. The course offers students a platform in which the boundaries and synergy between both their own medium and various forms of presentation are explored. Special attention is given to the common ground between different media and different approaches: analogue, digital, visual, sound, movement, etc. A documented process followed by a performance at the end of this course, should show that the student, supported by the supervisors, is able to investigate, question, explore and transpose his / her music and / or visual language through a personal artistic project into the mediated environment.