Archival research is an integral part of my PhD project. Given the fact that I am researching the
artistic process and how it developed into contemporary discourse through history, being able to
access unique archival materials is of crucial importance. With more than 14,000 original plates
and drawings, printed and audiovisual backgrounds, and derivative objects of all kinds, the
biggest collection of these materials in Europe is in Angoulême in France, in the Museum of
Comics. To investigate the archives in detail, I will need long-term access to the facilities. The
IMPULSE funds will help this field research be as fruitful as possible. I will use the money to
fund travelling to Angoulême and to cover residence costs of the two-month stay in the city.
There I will be able to start from my own research questions and take time to allow unexpected
discoveries to happen through the process. With the opportunity to be close to the archives I will
be able to realise the research in a more fluid manner, which will contribute to gaining more
in-depth knowledge of the theoretical aspect of my research. The funds will help me
disseminate the collected data and organise them for further use in my doctoral project. The
discoveries will be presented in the form of an article. Access to the facilities will be covered
from the funds of another project. The IMPULSE project finances archival research, undertaken
in the framework of a PhD Fellowship awarded by the Research Foundation – Flanders.

Research Unit: Intermedia

Duration: 2020 - 2021


Project leader: Dragana Radanovic