Over de onderzoekscluster

The main line of the research cluster Art, Pedagogy and Society focuses on practices (exercises, tactics, designs, images, situations ...) in which conventional ways of thinking and doing in art and education are put between brackets so that a shift in perspective becomes possible and other ways of looking, speaking, acting, ... present themselves. In some research projects, this experience is linked to the notion of 'infancy'. 
The starting point is that we are facing radically different challenges than before (i.e. climate change, digitalisation, migration flows, capitalisation,...).  Challenges that destabilise our experience of the human condition and from there address us to think about what 'making school' and 'making art', and no less their interconnectedness, mean from this 'post-experience'.
The main line of the research cluster therefore focuses on three interrelated sub-aspects:

1/ research into artistic practices and technologies (i.e. audiovisual tools, artistic mapping strategies, aesthetic conversations, architectural forms...) to make this 'post-experience' tangible and questionable.

2/ Research into the implications of this 'post-experience' for the purpose of the art school beyond modernist dichotomies (school-society/master-pupil/art-science/subject-object…) and without falling into relativism and contextualism: the art school and artistic practices face to face with our mutated world.

3/ Development of theory related to the implications for the purpose of the art school and artistic practices in 'mutating' times.

The research cluster gathers every second Wednesday of the month from 13-15h. Two researchers present in duo an issue that resonates with their research process. 

material, a witness, a conversation, folding paper into a lampscape for a place without electricity – by Stijn Van Dorpe


Mattijs Driesen,
Ciel Grommen,
Fiona Hallinan,
Roel Kerkhofs,
Dragana Radanovic,
Stijn Van Dorpe,
Nancy Vansieleghem
Sarah Késenne