The Music & Drama research unit embraces research in the field of music and the performing arts with a clear research focus on the development of artistic practice.

Within Drama, this results into research into various and innovative methods of text creation and its impact on playing. The focus is also on the changing status of the concept of text in the current work field.

Within Music, this translates into research into performance practice and composition and into pedagogical and therapeutic research.

Together, Music & Drama also focuses on all forms of interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary research through co-creation and interaction.

The research unit aims at a strong integration of research and education in the Music and Drama courses.

The Music & Drama Research Unit collaborates with various research groups from KU Leuven, including the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine. In addition, the researchers are developing an international research network.


Beghin Tom

Boon Nico

Boondiskulchock Prach

Botelho Filipa

Broeckmeyer Mariske

Caers Vincent

Castelein Tine

D'hoe Jeroen

De Backer Jos

De Baets Thomas

Deletaille Nicolas

Geudens Thomas

Jeurissen Peter

Kestens Geert

Krivokapic Goran

Lootens Jasmijn

Lust Jan

Manca Tiziano

Mavroudes Trolles

Maytesian Tigran

Montebugnoli Luca

Nimeroski Ellie

Parrilla Vicente

Ponet Luc

Schuermans Pieter

Somma Victor

Swerts Piet

Troullos Mavroudes

Vacher Johann

Van Ael Lieven

Van der Werf Bo

Van Eynde Evert

Van Eyndhoven Carl

Vandemoortele Sarah

Verneert Filip

Vervliet Stijn

von Winckemann Carl

Zanane Sanae

Zwoferink Jolanda


Head research unit: carl.vaneyndhoven@luca-arts.be