This project entails the production of a video installation evoking mixed feelings of active stillness, restless rest, and other paradoxes between inactivity and productivity. The films in the installation will result from a process involving me and four other non-actors, starting from the creation of exercises to be done with a smartphone and/or camera. We will seek to find filmed actions that bring out the complexity, noise, vitality, and fragility of bodies, beyond notions of productivity vs. rest, and pause vs. movement. The aim of these exercises for film are to engage the presence, awareness, and positioning of bodies, so to bring forth intimate ways in which we can incorporate (and dance) with technology in these teleworking times. For this, I intend to use procedures inspired in somatic therapies and dance improvisation that I have been using to create videos and installations since 2010.

  • Research Unit: Intermedia

  • Duration: 2020 - 2021


Project leader: Sofia Caesar