do 02.03.2023, 18u - 20u

campus Sint Lukas Brussels @cafetaria

School of Equals TALKS

Talks, lezingen en congressen

School of Equals TALKS is pleased to welcome Anja Meulenbelt and the BICOLI collective on Thursday 02.03.23 for a presentation and conversation with students, teachers and others interested.

Anja Meulenbelt is a politically engaged writer and activist. Since the seventies she has been an important figure in the feminist movement in the Netherlands and abroad. She has published many books, including her successful debut "De schaamte voorbij" and more recently "Feminisme. Terug van nooit weggeweest" and "Brood en rozen. Over klasse en identiteit". For Anja Meulenbelt, there is no class struggle without attention to anti-racism and feminism... but also no struggle for minorities without resistance to capitalism.

BICOLI COLLECTIVE is a feminist, self-managed library that opened its doors to readers in Brussels in 2021. The collective offers free access to a collection of essays, fanzines, comics, novels and poems on feminism, LGBTQIA+ activism, decolonialism, antivalidism, ecology... Within this perspective, the collective organise regular events, including collective readings, video clubs, open-mic presentations and the production of fanzines. BICOLI created several DIY manuals that you can freely download.

The event is held in LUCA Sint Lukas Brussels at the ‘cafetaria’ from 6PM-8PM, English spoken.

School of Equals is an initiative of the Educational Master of Arts and offers a platform where exclusive and privileged forms of school-making are questioned. School of Equals presents a master elective, public talks and a publication