Maala Moon Bleed

The birch tree naturally resides in the arctic region. I spent my early adolescence living in Sweden, and that is where I felt the most at home. I am the birch tree.

Where does the soul come from?

Is this “home” for us?

Where is it?

We are all connected to the same source of energy, is this our home?

Is home something from the past or future?

Is nature our home?

Are we becoming more and more disconnected from the concept of home?

Is home something that we have seen before?

These questions have always perplexed my mind and I have always been interested in finding the answers. I will never know the true answer but the creative journey to finding them is always fascinating. I would like to somehow recreate this concept of home and time in my images by recreating a reconstruction of the feeling of the home and capturing it. Time has an influence in this as well since I am capturing moments that have already passed and have been consumed by it. There is no proof that these moments have ever passed, only one image and a one-sided story of the event.