Stijn Vervliet, PhD in the Arts

This research is situated in the field of performance practice and analysis. The central question focusses on the tension between research processes and artistic practice, in particular on the role of the performer in a Historically Informed Performance Practice (HIP) of Scriabin’s preludes. This implies subquestions concerning the nature and contribution of the personal choices of the performer and the influence of those choices on the result (the performance).

The purpose of the research is threefold: (1) an analytical study, (2) a practical study (performance) and (3) a study of (historical) recordings.

An artistic and reflective journal will be kept, which will make possible feedback to the research processes in terms of a detailed study of the evolution the performer undergoes and of the influences gone through in the practical study and analytical study of the work. This research partly wants to present itself as a follow-up research aiming at refining in a musical context the use and functionality of methodologies and expert’s assessment employed before in social sciences.


  • Prof. dr. Pieter Bergé (supervisor, KU Leuven)
  • Dr. Piet Swerts (co-supervisor, KU Leuven/LUCA)

Research unit: Music & Drama

Duration: 2015 -