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Warning: fraudulent advertisements!

When you are looking for student accommodation, beware of fraudulent advertisements on the internet. Fake landlords are renting out non-existent accommodation. Other imposters use stolen identities to rent out existing accommodation. They target international students in particular. We certainly don’t want to scare you off but we want to advise you to be cautious. Never pay a deposit before signing the contract and being 100% sure the accommodation exists and is for rent. Always ask for the landlord’s personal information (name, surname, phone number and a photocopy of his/her ID). Double check the provided address on Google maps to see if it exists. If you notice any suspicious advertisements or if you become a victim of a scam, please be sure to report this to the local police.

We always recommend to visit the room in real life to avoid scamming. Maybe you can try to come over to Belgium a few weeks in advance and stay at a hostel to arrange you accommodation. 

Don’t send any money in advance without contract or checkup of the room! Unfortunately, we have knowledge of a number of scamming cases in the past.

The rental agreement

The rental agreement will specify certain things: the amount of the security deposit, the duration, the rental fee, notice period(s), obligations, rights, prohibitions, etc. A contract is binding, so once it has been signed there is no backing out of it. A Dutch, French and English model of a rental agreement can be viewed at Kotatgent or Brik Brussel 

The deposit

Keep in mind that you might be required to pay a deposit (max. 2 months). The landlord can request you to open a joint bank account for the deposit, which will be returned to you upon departure if no damage has been ascertained to the room or its furniture. The deposit should never be considered as payment for the rent!


Sometimes things happen that (seriously) affect your daily live or study progress. Don’t hesitate to talk with one of our Stuvo counselors (psychotherapists and psychologists). They can offer you assistance and guidance in resolving personal, social, study related or psychological problems and difficulties.

in Brussel:

Sofie Giets

Pol Gerits 

  • Edmond Tollenaerestraat 56 (box 10), 1020 Brussel
  • +32 (0) 473 95 96 80
  • By appointment only 

in Gent:

Anne-Marie Desmet 

Sofie Giets 

Take a look at Content in Gent for more options. 

in Leuven:

Maaike De Zitter 

Student Health Centre KU Leuven

  • General practitioners
  • Psychologists and Psychiatrists
  • Confidential Advisor

in Genk:

Psychological Services


The Belgian Health Care system 

In Belgium, health insurance is part of the social security system. Everyone has to have health insurance and must join an accredited health insurance fund. If you do not want to join a health insurance fund, then you can join the ‘Hulpkas voor Ziekte- en Invaliditeitsverzekering’ (Auxiliary Illness and Disability Insurance Fund).

With the European Health Insurance Card you are covered in case of hospitalisation. For outpatient costs you need to advance the total sum of the cost at the doctor and at the pharmacy. You can subscribe with a Belgian health insurance fund if you would like to follow the same rules as for residents (you only have to pay 20 – 30% of the total sum of the medical cost). If you don’t have an EHIC – card, you can enrol in a Belgian health insurance fund. 

On the website of the RIZIV a list of all health insurance funds can be found (only available in Dutch and French), as well as a list of the costs that are covered by the health insurance funds (only available in Dutch and French). For more information about which costs are covered, please contact your health insurance fund.

At LUCA we have a close collaboration with Partena, one of the health insurance funds in Belgium. View the information below (without any obligation):

Student doctors 

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Extra information about corona measures

Every one travelling from a country outside the EU, Schengen zone or UK, as well as any traveller from a “red zone” within this European zone, as defined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is obliged to undergo a 14-day period of self-isolation upon arrival in Belgium. Please bear in mind that this is a legal obligation. Even if you are tested and the result appears to be negative, you are still required to stay in self-isolation during these 14 days. (Please note that the rules on self-isolation will be based on where you resided before coming to Belgium, not on your nationality.)

For people travelling from an “orange zone”, this period of self-isolation is recommended, but not obligatory. If you believe you have been in situations where you were likely to be exposed to COVID-19, please make sure to  self-isolate. If you have doubts about this you can consult a GP to help you decide. In any case, when coming to Belgium from an orange zone make sure to minimize your social contacts for a period of 14 days and always wear a mask.

Self-isolation means staying indoors for 14 days at the address which you provided on the Passenger Locator Form. This period of 14 days starts upon your final arrival in the green area of the EU, Schengen or the UK. 

For students coming to Gent: follow the guidelines of your local contactperson from the international office and get a COVID 19-test at AZ Jan Palfijn site. 

For students coming to Brussels: An interactive map shows all screening centres (coronavirus - Covid-19) in Brussels and the conditions for being tested (with or without prescription, with or without appointment and opening hours).


Ask your social service on your campus for more information. 

As a foreign student who only stays temporarily in Belgium for studying, you are considered to have enough financial means to cover your study and living costs for the whole of your stay in Belgium. Take into account that it is practically impossible to finance your studies and living expenses as a job student. Only in an emergency situation financial aid by Stuvo might be granted, and only after a thorough investigation.

To be eligible for the financial aid mentioned below, you should apply to certain nationality conditions

  • Scholarship granted by the Flemish Community

As a foreign student you can be eligible for a scholarship from the Flemish Community, if you comply with three main requirements: nationality requirement, study requirement and financial requirement. Note that If the nationality conditions are not fulfilled in the first place, study and financial requirements do not matter.

  • Reduced tuition fee

Only if you receive a scholarship from the Flemish Community, you are entitled to pay the reduced tuition fee. The student administration office checks whether the scholarship was requested in time and whether it was granted.

This reduction also applies when you fulfill both the nationality conditions of the scholarship from the Flemish Community and the financial conditions for a scholarship, but not the conditions of study (e.g. you are registered with a credit contract or for less than 27 credits, …). In that case you have to ask for the reduced tuition fee at Stuvo.

If you don’t apply to get reduction, payment of the tuition fee in installments is only possible if you comply with the nationality conditions to be eligible for a scholarship from the Flemish Community. If you apply to these nationality conditions, you can ask Stuvo for the other conditions you should meet. Take into account that the minority of students who stay temporarily in Belgium apply to these conditions.

  • Financial aid from Stuvo

Stuvo offers different forms of financial aid:

  • An advance on the scholarship of the Flemish Community
  • A social allowance for study costs
  • An interest-free loan for study costs
  • A financial intervention for psychological support
  • A financial intervention in speech therapy costs, diagnostic testing learning disability and personality research

Applying is possible until June 1st of the academic year


    Every student who is allowed to carry out student work in Belgium is entitled to 475 hours during which he/she may work for reduced social contributions, per year.

    If your nationality isn’t that of any of the states of the European Union or that of any of the following states: Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland or Switzerland, you need a residence permit to work in Belgium (which states that you can work here temporarily).

    Finding a job as an international student isn’t easy because of the language (Dutch and/or French is required). 

    Check our Jobteaser Student Career platform (available for students of LUCA School of Arts & KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture). 


    in Brussel:

    •  MIVB is the company that provides public transport in Brussel, this means tram, metro and bus. For a student ‘School Season Ticket’ please check the MIVB – website.
    • Check the possibilities to bike at Brik 
    • The NMBS is the national company of railways in Belgium. 

    in Gent:

    • You can rent a bike with De Fietsambassade Gent. You'll also be able to find more information about how to prevent bike theft etc.
    • De Lijn is the company that provides public transport (bus, tram) in Gent. If you're under the age of 24, you can buy a Buzzypass which is the most beneficial for regular use.
    • The NMBS is the national company of railways in Belgium. 

    in Leuven:

    • You can rent a bike with Velo
    • De Lijn is the company that provides public transport (bus) in Leuven. If you're under the age of 24, you can buy a Buzzypass which is the most beneficial for regular use.
    • The NMBS is the national company of railways in Belgium. 

    in Genk:

    • You can rent a bike with Fietsbasis vzw located at the trainstation.
    • De Lijn is the company that provides public transport (bus) in Genk. If you're under the age of 24, you can buy a Buzzypass which is the most beneficial for regular use.
    • The NMBS is the national company of railways in Belgium. 


      in Brussel:

      in Gent:

      • Enjoy the sports programme of Artevelde University College for only €20/semester.
      • Swimming: 11 swims in the municipal pools for €12.
      • Get a refund for your sports registration!  Do you have a subscription to a sports club? Bring your original proof of registration to Stuvo and we pay you back 20% (up to a maximum of €40).
      • Movies: go to the movies at Sphinx Cinema or Studio Skoop for €3. Maximum purchase of 2 tickets/student per academic year for Sphinx and 2 for Studio Skoop.
      • Music: enjoy the best concerts organized by Democrazy in Gent and buy your tickets at discount prices from Stuvo.
      • Check the website of Visit Gent for more inspiration and cultural activities. 
      • Stuvo activities: during the academic year Stuvo organizes all kinds of activities. Check and like FB STUVO LUCA GENT to keep informed.
      • Would you like to organize an activity yourself? Request  your support from Stuvo and contact for more information. 

      in Leuven:

      • Everybody who practices sports at the University Sports Centre or who uses the sports facilities must be in possession of a personalized sports card.
      • Enjoy every second of Leuven cultural life with the KU Leuven Culture Card, also available for students of Lemmens. 

      in Genk:

      • Discover the sport facilities in Genk. 
      • Stuvo also organizes several cultural activities: from a free movie at Kinepolis Hasselt to very cheap tickets for a musical in Antwerp or an opera in Brussels. Check the infoboards and Toledo for more information!


      In Brussel:

      • Paleizenstraat 70 - 1030 Schaarbeek
      • Cafeteria: open every weekday from 11 am until 4 pm
      • Coffee Bar: open every weekday from 8.30 am until 3.30 pm
      • Paleizenstraat 65 - 1030 Schaarbeek
      • Cafeteria: open every weekday from 10.30 am until 2.30 pm
      • Victor Rousseaulaan 75 - 1190 Vorst
      • Vending machine with fresh food: sandwiches, wraps, juices, ...

      In Gent

      in Leuven:

      in Genk:

      • C-Mine 5, 3600 Genk
      • Cafeteria open every weekday

      Contact your Student Services (Stuvo) at your campus 

      in Brussel for students of LUCA School of Arts & KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture:

      in Gent for students of LUCA School of Arts & KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture:

      in Leuven:

      in Genk: