di 22.03.2022, 10u - do 24.03.2022, 18u

ZED-Vesalius, Leuven

Talks, lezingen en congressen

LUCA School of Arts (Brussels, Belgium) Audiovisual Arts, in collaboration with DocNomads, will host a symposium on contemporary documentary film. This open call for papers and panel proposals is for a two-day conference, with keynote speakers and an evening screening. Our aim is towards a live, in-person conference to take place in Leuven with an opening event on the 22nd and the symposium on 23th & 24th March, 2022, in collaboration with Docville and the additional participation of LUCA PhD’s, DocNomads students and faculty, as well as Beursschouwburg (Brussels).

Confirmed keynote speakers include author Dara Waldron (New Nonfiction Film) and artist-filmmaker Fiona Tan (Archive, Ascent). The symposium will also include a screening of work(s) by Fiona Tan.


In recent years, documentaries have evolved significantly due to technological, social and economic shifts, impacting both storytelling and design.




  • 19:30: welcome
  • 20.00: screening Un film dramatique, Eric Baudelaire (2019, 2u)
  • 22.00: reception


  • 10:00 - 12:00     panel Ambiguity & Other Phenomenon
    • Philip Cartelli - In search of ambiguity
    • Nikolaj Lübecker - Watching Documentary Images with Niels Bohr: Barbet Schröder and Kazuo Hara
    • Pascal Vandelanoitte – Futuristic archive

  moderator: Dara Waldron

  • 13:00 – 14:30    artist talk Eric Baudelaire with Christina Stuhlberger
  • 15:00 – 16:30    keynote by Dara Waldron

  ‘I stare into a deep blue ocean and see only Light:' Making Sense of Personal Documentary as an Art of Nonfiction

  • 20:00:        optional: screening festival Docville Cow (Andrea Arnold) or other film in the program of Docville


  • 10:00 – 12:00    panel Place of Documentary – Site: Contestation and Speculation
    • Stefanie Baumann - (De)Framing North Korea. On the critical potential of documentary forms     
    • Des O’Rawe - Moving Images: Documentary and Post-Conflict Northern Ireland
    • Eneos Çarka - Speculative Worlds: Anthropocentric Realities and World-Building in Speculative Documentaries
    • Maria Luna - Documentary Film Festival as site of displacement           

  moderator: Roel Vande Winkel

  • 13:00 – 16:00    introduction to the work of Wael Shawky – location Museum M Leuven

  + visit expo Wael Shawky

  • 16:00 – 17:00    keynote by Fiona Tan


  • 20:00                  screening Ascent by Fiona Tan (80’)

This symposium, organized by LUCA School of Arts and DOCNomads, focuses on these evolutions in documentary making. It is also part of DOCVILLE ACADEMY. a festival for documentary lovers and the platform for activities for and by documentary professionals. Over the course of several days, there are activities and networking moments for professionals from the documentary world. Detailed information and registration methods can be found at www.docville.be

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Dit project werd gerealiseerd met breakout.steun van LUCA School of Arts. LUCA steunt studenten, onderzoekers, docenten en medewerkers die LUCA School of Arts via allerlei initiatieven zichtbaar willen maken in de buitenwereld en bundelt daarvoor middelen. Een centraal budget verleent op laagdrempelige wijze ondersteuning aan welomschreven initiatieven.

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