wo 20.05.2020, 10u - 13u

Terrarium, LUCA School of Arts campus Sint-Lukas Brussel 

Lezing en congres

Histories are woven, knotted, and impossible to disentangle. This is especially true when working through the recent past with linked threads to the present. By what merit is something deemed cultural heritage, archivable, or not? With any judgment, the present casts its dice towards an imagined future, waging a bet on stakes unknown. In this talk, I will discuss my project, The Warp and Weft of Memory, an online narrative archive exploring the closet of Dutch artist Gisèle d'Ailly van Waterschoot van der Gracht. Having passed away in 2013 at the age of one hundred, the traces of her figure can still be sensed through the shape of her clothes, and the range of garments illustrates her fascination with travel, textiles, and her life as an artist. Moving through her clothing, my notes, and Gisèle's photographic archive, I will reflect on my own working process, the epistemology of the closet, taxonomical fervour, and the complexity of entangled histories.
Renée Turner is an artist whose practice engages with digital narratives, archives, and forms of interdisciplinary and collaborative inquiry. Whether working on her own or with others, her research is guided by feminist perspectives, a sense of the embodied, and tenuously plotted connections. Next to her work as an artist and writer, she is a Senior Research Lecturer at the Willem de Kooning Academy and the Piet Zwart Institute, where she continually seeks critical and committed approaches to pedagogy.
Following the talk by Renée there will be two short reports by members of our cluster deep histories fragile memories. Alexandra Crouwers will report on her two month research stay at Residency Unlimited, New York, and Wendy Morris will report on the Hortus+Herbarium phase of her research project Nothing of Importance Occurred: Recuperating a Herbal for a 17th century Midwife at the Cape.

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