Adrijana Gvozdenovic

The Great Wall

The Great Wall is an installation with paint layers taken from a museum wall and placed inside a vitrine, followed by information about it’s origin, that states: “Wall-surface taken from a museum-wall by the artist, being employed as a museum-technician in February 2014.

The first two layers of paint (golden and a base-layer of red) were applied for the exhibition of Michiel Coxcie; underneath there are two white layers (primer white and white) applied for an exhibition by Ugo Rondinone; beneath these is a blue layer, painted for a wall-drawing by Sol Lewitt.

Further knowledge about the layers does not reach the experience of the artist-worker.”

Adrijana Gvozdenović came two years ago to do art and study in Brussels. She is still doing art and studying, but now in Antwerp. Before she was doing the same in Montenegro, where she comes from. She plans to continue in the future.

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