Antoni Murillo Fernandez

Filtering Space

A design assignment for a creative work and meeting place.
In recent years, we see that small businesses return to the city. It is usually about small initiatives that focus on the local economy and on traditional production methods. However, they also focus on the combination of these traditional ways of producing with contemporary technologies and new possibilities. This group of creatives is also called «makers» and offers an innovative approach in the field of industry, construction, catering and services.
The Ravenstein Gallery is one of the most important pedestrian connections between the upper and lower cities of Brussels and is an icon, and an exponent of the ‘International Style’. Completed in 1958, it is also a distinctive urban space that makes the Expo58 mind still clear.


In the Ravenstein Gallery, I design a creative workspace and meeting place that brings together various creators of the textile industry. Addressed by the linearity in the main hall, the use of materials that I find valuable and an interesting light in its specific atmosphere, I decided to play with transparency, reflection and motion.

Change and layering are the main thread of my project. I want to translate this by designing ateliers that are not only functional and offer a unique workplace, but also tell a story. By using translucent and transparent fabrics tensed in space, I create an atmosphere that is scenic and makes passengers curious. Looking and viewing, screening and shielding are being haematized by the layeredness of screens in and between the spaces used as studios. Frames that are stretched with textiles can be set at different heights depending on the use. These studios are part of the structure of the building.

Both day and night have a significant meaning in my design. During their daytime, the textile makers give color to the workstations, while at night the workshops are lit by colored spots.

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