Cheenwêg Chion

Buraka Branding

My name is Cheenweg and my graduation project is about my best friend Vincent. Vincent and I have known each other for 8 years now. He has the most positive attitude ever, has the best sense of humor but is also very down to earth. Vincent and I have worked on different projects together in the past, he is an event management student. So I did some photography and design work for some events.

I made a rebranding for Vincent aka DJ Buraka. Because my specialty is web and app design and also because of my internship taught me a lot about web and app design. I made an one pager. But to push myself, I also made an animation / promovideo that represented Vincents fun and unique personality. I’m not specialised in animation but it have learned so much while working on this and it’s nice to have more skills.

I chose for a funky color palette and little animations that are synced on the beat. I decided I wanted multiple screens because it is more playful and fun in stead of 1 screen behind him.

I did the whole branding in the same color palette and vibe to create an unity.

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