Creatures in Reality door Charlotte Stuby

Winnaar van de Dirk Lauwaert Award 2017

This text is born from a fascination with floating textile elements in everyday life. By observing these temporary silent assemblages, the banal objects morph into a real poetic  presence, as objects of contemplation in an ordinary environment and become uncanny creatures.

Creatures in reality is an essay written by Charlotte Stuby. 

A wandering through daily architecture, a sort of floating expedition, an ephemeral game with the landscape; looking for textile elements which envelop and protect objects, such as  motorbike cover, scaffolding nets or tarpaulin on a piece of land. These ordinary installations are temporary improvisations in a familiar environment. These protected elements reveal their identity through the aspect of the cover, how they inhabit the fabric, take its shape to become whole. The function of these protections is usually more important than their visual appearance, which intensifies the unpredictable action and the accidental beauty of it.

Charlotte Stuby experienced these soft and silent combinations with a poetic attention, a contemplative mood and developed a fascination for these protecting, enigmatic and singular presences in the landscape. She suggests a dialectic constantly in movement between the landscape, the passer-by and these creatures.


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  • ISBN-nummer:  9789492574084
  • Wettelijk Depotnummer: D\2018\13058\


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Creatures in Reality door Charlotte Stuby

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