Drawing in and outside Writing

Ans Nys

  • Projectverantwoordelijke: Ans Nys (LUCA Faculty of the Arts, campus Sint-Lucas Ghent)
  • Teamleden: Peter Morrens (LUCA Faculty of the Arts, campus Sint-Lucas Ghent), Rik de Boe, Kelly Chorpening (University of the Arts, Camberwell College, London), Rebecca Fortnum (University of the Arts, Camberwell College, London), Marc Nagtzaa

In this practice based research on drawing, four artists who collaborated in a drawing dialogue for the artist magazine "Th Ink", engage in a further in-depth study of the entanglement of drawing and writing. Starting from the performative nature of drawing, the artists Ans Nys, Peter Morrens, Kelly Chorpening and Rebecca Fortnum engage in a multilayered artistic research, coached by the artists Rik De Boe and Marc Nagtzaam. An inquiry into the blurring creative act of drawing and writing is provoked by processes of collaboration and appreciation.

The research is driven by strategies of re-drawing, re-interpretation, re-staging, reflecting and articulating the other's drawings. Automatically this concentration will lead to methodological reflections on artistic practice and research, through the act of drawing. Postal exchange of work, dialogue, residencies, an artist book and an open exhibition format are intended to create output to stimulate debate in diverse expert communities.

  • e-mailadres: ans.nys@luca-arts.be
  • Looptijd: voltooid 2012 (start 2009)

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