Drawing in and outside writing

Ans Nys, Peter Morrens, Kelly Chorpening, Rebecca Fortnum


Drawing—in and outside—Writing investigates the slippage between these two acts. Individually and together, over a year, four visual artists, Peter Morrens, Kelly Chorpening, Ans Nys and Rebecca Fortnum have developed ways to explore the relationship between writing and drawing, and this book is the result of their speculations.

“In the Greek word ‘graphein’ drawing and writing share an etymological root. This closeness can be seen in medieval manuscripts or, more prosaically, in the early scrawls of children where there is little distinction between drawing and writing. From a phenomenological perspective writing and drawing are also closely related. Although they are considered discrete disciplines, with different modes of comprehension and interpretation, for the maker there can be a similarity of process. Writing retains the potential to slide into drawing, drawn lines can easily become letters.”

Order by Cornerhouse
168pp, full colour throughout, £12.00 / €15.00 Designed by Colin Sackett Published by RGAP and Sint-Lucas Visual Arts Ghent www.rgap.co.uk. /// You can also buy the book for 15 euro in the Sint -Lucas library

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