Luna and Amine cross paths. She is 26, he is 17: this is an encounter between strangers in different stages of their lives. Upon exiting the club at dawn, the light hits Luna’s face and she’s confronted with a sense of purposelessness. When Amine passes by, she reaches out to him. Together, they walk through Brussels while the city is waking up. Croisé shows an intense, prolonged moment between two people meeting, arguing, connecting and separating again.

About the director

Elke Vanoost is a young filmmaker and photographer based in Brussels. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Arts at RITCS in 2013. In 2015 she obtained a Masters degree in Filmstudies and Visual Culture at the University of Antwerp. While studying in Antwerp, Elke interned as a documentary photographer for newspaper Brussel Deze Week after which she started freelancing as a photographer. One of her photographs was selected by Jimmy Kets, photographer at De Morgen for M Museum’s contest ‘Cityshapes’. Her photography practice, which is heavily focused on street photography in Brussels, has increasingly influenced her work as a filmmaker. Elke completed her Master’s degree in Audiovisual Arts at Luca School of Arts (Campus Brussels) in 2017. For her masters she directed the short film ‘Croisé’ which tells the story of a coincidental meeting between two perfect strangers in the streets of Brussels. Croisé has so far been selected for Film Fest Gent. 


Elke Vanoost
Elke Vanoost

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