Ellen De Vos

Greenhouse Victoria

Drawing is like travelling, a flight away from the real life.
A flight to create safe memories in a sketchbook.
Very important is the experience of the place, the atmosphere.
40 Mornings Ellen went in a gentle relationship with the Botanic Garden of Ghent, an isolated resort in the heart of the city.
Leaded by the atmosphere of a place where a fragment of reality is reflected in a fantastic spectacle of forms from all over the world.
That abundance of images were collected in a sketchbook.
An animation came out of it as a representation of the timeless atmosphere.




Ellen De Vos
40 dagen in de plantentuin — Gent — Victoriakas — 22 februari t.e.m. 31 maart 2016 — 80 uur — 40 x 105 x 149 mm — HB 0,9 mm x 60 mm — 90 g/m

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