Griet Van Reeth

Griet Van Reeth graduated as film director in 1993. She is professor at Campus Sint-Lukas Brussels. She is teaching sound design, sound recording and sound editing in the audiovisual department. She is also working as a film director. Recently she directed the films “31 Haltes” (2014) and “FC Molenbeek Girls” (2016) in collaboration with Dorothée van den Berghe.

Research projects:

- 2006: “Mothers and Mirrors” – with Martine Huvenne - The project researched auditory memories, and how they can be translated into film. By using the spatial and temporal capacities of sound and image, different ways of mediated memories were explored.

- 2008 – 2010: “Coor(ps)donnée” – with Martine Huvenne - The short film “Surrounded”, directed by the researchers, was used a case study to explore how experiences can be transmitted by sound, and how the creation process of a film can unfold when it is driven by sound from its inception.

- 2011-2014: “31 Haltes” – with Dorothée van den Berghe - A research project about the relationship between inner space and public space, based on sonorous and visual elements. The documentary film “31 Haltes” is the result of the process-driven quest, starting from the experience of the film characters in their surroundings. The challenge of the project was to avoid using narrative structures or standard formats

- 2015-2018: “Coup de grâce” – with Dorothée van den Berghe - In “Coup de grâce” we investigate how to bridge the gap between classical narrative filmmaking (script-driven, predetermined workflow) and the more impulsive and improvised way of filmmaking used by new media. Yet the attempt is not to create an artificial conflict between the traditional and the contemporary, the local and the global. The film will rather outline the fluidity of different worlds, and the liminal space between them. And in what way can this process contribute to a reflection on film production and film education in a digital society?

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