Irja Syvertsen (°Sint-Niklaas, 1980) woont in Evergem, werkt te Gent.

  • Studie: 2009 - 2013 Luca, vrije Kunsten, afdeling Keramiek en Glas

These new pieces allude to the discrete pleasures found in gazing at small monuments but her work has its own grotesque, sometimes discomforting aura. Is she repudiating the affectation associated with classical art? The artist is very clear that she isn't, and that her work is more a response to, "...the small ceramics found in your grandmother's cupboard, not the huge baroque sculptures found in a museum". She understands the differing roles of small sculptures well, and her (shifting) place in relation to both popular cultural and fine art traditions… (Uit de pressrelease van Postapsocalypso, Gallerij De Witte Voet, tekst en interview © Siobhan Wall:)

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