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The power and influence of the image has always been fascinating to me. In what amount create all these media our identity and the way look at ourselves and the world around us? During my masters in Film- & Mediastudies in Amsterdam, I focused on subjects as gender, ethics and representation.

The professional bachelor in Graphic Design, - followed by the postgraduate in Brand & Packaging Design - , here at LUCA school of arts, gave a more practical approach to the subject and tought me how to actually design and make these media myself. The love I have for colors, simplicity, composition & (dis-)balance, as well as paper, texture & text all came together.


My final assignments are in some way all related to the relation between (modern) society and (human) nature. The picture shown at this profile page is part of a series called cover // uncover and is about the (dis-)balance between female representation and the actual feminine nature. The rest of the series you can see at my website (

For the first part of my bachelor's degree, I gave Christianity a rebranding, by designing a new logo & image for all lost souls in the (Western/modern) world.

In the second part of my bachelor's degree, I focussed on the moon and the different ways to 'read' it: as just another planet in our universe, or as a present part of our nature and the way we experience the ups and downs in the cycle of life.

For my final assignment for Brand & Packaging Design, I created a set of skin care. In the design, I took a japanese approach by building my brand around the idea of wabi sabi and the beauty of imperfection, as a counterpart of the omnipresent beauty industry.


Jeske Dijkstra
A new image for Christianity
Jeske Dijkstra
The Moon
Jeske Dijkstra
SHIN skincare
Jeske Dijkstra

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