Juanita Rodriguez Onzaga

The Jungle Knows You Better than You Do


A quest,

an impossible city,

a teenager wants to become an adult,

a wonder about what is death,

a spirit, a ghost,

a quest for that ghost;

the jungle.



Juanita is a young filmmaker and cinematographer from Colombia, currently living in Belgium, filming, photographing and creating between both countries.

She recently obtained with distinction a bachelor in Cinematography at the IAD at Belgium, where she explored her storytelling with series of analog photography, and by developing a strong style while working as a cinematographer in different films (documentaries, videoclips & fictions) award winners and recognized worldly by film festivals as Mecal, Cannes, Visions du Réel, Sheffield Fringe, Alcine, etc.

Lately, she has been experimenting with directing, creating The Jungle Knows You Better than You Do, a creative documentary where the filmmaker follows her brother in a quest, searching for the spirit of their dead father deep into the Colombian jungle.


Skin of the Other (2014) :

- Winner of the First Prize at it’s world premiere at Agite & Sirva festival Itinerante de Videodanza, Mexico 2015  

- Official Selection at: Screendance Festival of Stockholm 2015, Triskelion NYC Dance Film Lab 2015 New York, 2015,  Dance Film Festival, London, UK, 2015, International Selection of the São Carlos Videodance Festival, Brazil 2015, VideodanzaBa, Buenos Aires Argentina 2015, Festival El Cruce, Rosario, Argentina 2015,  Festivais Parceros, Dança em Foco, Brasil 2015,  Selection Culturas & Territorio, FIVC, Chile 2015, Official Documentary Competition, InShadow festival, Lisboa, Portugal 2015

Selected as part of an exhibition of “Red Iberoamericana de Videodanza”, FIVER International Screendance Mouvement, Madrid, Spain 2016



Juanita Rodriguez Onzaga

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