Juan Pablo Plazas

La Rousse (2014). To cover the pages of a dictionary with veils. It is like to covering meaning with form. The words and images are still slightly visible like a ghosty appearance through the veil. The abundance of colours and forms of the veil savage the well ordered pillars of text. The Pages turn into a rigid version of the veil. The veil overflows the squared dictionary. 

Once closed and tied up, the dictionary’s meaningfulness collapses and surrenders to it’s form and materiality. Now it looks like a head, weights like a head, stares like a head. Larousse turns out to be not only the editor’s last name but the prove that this head belongs to a redhead. 

To be only a head, it shouldn’t stand from the floor, it’s stand must not become it’s body. It must descend from the ceiling, as if it had a huge tide up of veils. It should stand by it’s own to remain alive.

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