Lisemarie Van Loon

graphic designer | Master project 'What makes a home?'

My biggest interests in Graphic Design are most of all book design and social design (topics of society). Usually I apply photography in my designs and lately I've been making installations in function of my projects. Since the last two years I've participated crossover projects with mostly musicians. Crossover is also a big interest to me and a field I would like to explore more. This year I studied my Master in Media & Information Design in LUCA School of Arts Brussels and I made my final project about refugees. 

Master project 'What makes a home?'

ENG What are the greatest motivations of refugees, and what makes a home somewhere? The personal story of 5 refugees from Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are compiled in a book that gives a subjective interpretation of their past, journey and life in Belgium. Through common themes such as the house, going to school, borders, integration, interests, ... their world is compared with the one of the maker. In addition, the project contains an interactive map to discover more about their journeys.

NL Wat zijn de grootste drijfveren van vluchtelingen, en wat maakt dat ze zich ergens thuis voelen? Het persoonlijke verhaal van 5 vluchtelingen uit Palestina, Syrië, Irak en Afghanistan vormt de basis voor een boek dat een subjectieve interpretatie geeft van hun verleden, vlucht en leven nu in België. Via gemeenschappelijke thema’s zoals het huis, naar school gaan, grenzen, integratie, interesses, … wordt hun wereld vergeleken met die van de maker. Daarnaast bevat het project een interactieve kaart waarmee je meer informatie over hun vlucht kan ontdekken.

Selection of my book

In the gallery, you can see a small selection I made of some spreads of my book 'What makes a home?'. You can clearly see that every spread fits in its own chapter. My chapters are: thesis (=before leaving home country), antithesis (= the journey) and synthesis (= being in Belgium, integration). 

Lisemarie Van Loon
Objects with a story
Lisemarie Van Loon
Synthesis: Nature admirers (with Kamal from Syria)
Lisemarie Van Loon
Antithesis: His/Her border
Lisemarie Van Loon
Thesis: His/Her way to school

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