37 weeks, 21 hours and 15 minutes

Dance and photography are two passions in my life. Since several years I depict the limits of my body, due to intense dancing, in a photographic way. I use my body to tell something, things I can’t tell with words.

Time is an important element of my work. In ‘Quick actions with everyday objects. & Painful positions on everyday objects.’ I filmed the endurance of difficult positions upon daily object and presented these challenges into multiple screen video installation.

In these scenes the duration and the tension in between ‘waiting’ and ‘being’ is what interests me. ‘37 weeks, 21 hours and 15 minutes’ starts from my sudden pregnancy. The silence I create, strengthens the fact that the time seems to stagnate and also the waiting side. It captures the changes: moving from my parental home to my independent home, from flat to bold, from waiting to boredom and vice-versa, from expecting to longing. It summarizes one of the most exciting and challenging period of my life.



Maité Van Bael
Maité Van Bael
Maité Van Bael
Maité Van Bael

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