Philippe Druez

Interdisciplinary & New Media

Based in Ghent, Philippe Druez has developed an expanding practice that includes interactive and multi media installations, mixed media, sculpture, photography, film and performance. His critical engagement with the public is key in all his work. In his projects he explores society, the psyche and the individual within the social fabric in which we live, asking questions about artificial intellignce, the climate and men itself.

As an artist he creates open systems that emphasize organism over mechanism, dynamic processes of interaction among elements and the participant's role as an inextricable part of the aesthetic experience. His interdisciplinary and new media art projects are multi-sensioral, interactive, multilayered, philosophical and challenging. The artist works as engineer, maker, developer, hacker, designer, architect, composer, director and researcher, mastering, exploring and using all disciplines to create sci-art works that use all media to lift objects, ideas and concepts out of the conventional to reveal, question and rethink everything: A.

Currently Druez studies Philosophy at the University of Ghent (UGent) and Machine Learning (Artificial Neural Networks - ANN, AI) for Artists at Goldsmiths University of London. He holds Academic Bachelors in Computer Science and Mixed Media Art and a Master degree in Visual Arts at Luca School of Arts. 

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