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Currently I’m still working hard to get my master’s degree so I can rightfully call myself a product designer. 

But my business card says that apart from designing products, I like designing eg. services or systems as well.


Probably my parents are partly responsible for me being a designer now. 

They have educated me with ideas about creativity, but also with values like respecting and helping other people.

That’s why I like to design whatever it is that could help my fellow humans.

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Poverty is just unjust. 

To battle the problem you could inform the poor about their rights and the available helping organizations, but the communication of today should also be more accessible and more adapted to the poor.

That is why -together with social professionals and people in poverty- I designed a game that can be played by the poor so they learn about their rights and the nearby help in the city of Turnhout.

By playing a game, the poor are more easily engaged during an informative session and what has been told by the social professional will be better 


To learn more about the design process, you can scroll through my blog (in Dutch).



Pieter De Vocht
Pieter De Vocht
Pieter De Vocht
Pieter De Vocht
Most recent playtest with the target group
Pieter De Vocht
An employee of OCMW Turnhout explains the app to the poor
Pieter De Vocht
Me with some employees of OCMW Turnhout
Pieter De Vocht
Exploring the complexity of poverty by talking with the target group
Pieter De Vocht
One of the first playtests with the target group

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