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Tina Škrlj is a Slovenian visual artist (1987), working especially in the field of photography, video and design.

Photography has been part of her life since several years now. She has participated and also achieved photo awards in several youth contests. During these years she took part in several group exhibitions and also some solo exhibitions.

She is currently living, working and studying in Brussels.

A traumatic event took place in her life when she was 17 years old. At a certain point, after the event, she started using photography to confront, explore and even transmit these not quite understandable feelings that were caused by her personal trauma. For her master project she made an installation in which performance is an essential element. Combining different filmed performances on several television screens, the work unfolds in time.

Tina Skrlj
Tina Skrlj
Tina Skrlj

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