Trading Places

Jessica Schoffelen

Practices of Public Participation in Art and Design Research

Trading Places rethinks, develops and tests design-driven practices and methods to engage with participation in public space and public issues. With this book we aim to help art and design researchers, students, practitioners and the multiple stakeholders they collaborate with to explore what participatory ways of working in our contemporary urban environment entail. Six approaches are discussed: intervention; performative mapping; play; data mining; modelling in dialogue; and curating. Each approach offers a different kind of logic and produces a different type of knowledge. Trading Places invites the reader to discover common ground, explore new territories and exchange points of view – in short, to trade perspectives on issues of participation.

Authors: David Hamers, Naomi Bueno de Mesquita, Annelies Vaneycken & Jessica Schoffelen (eds.)

Editorial support: Anne van Oppen
Copy-editing: Daniel Lacasta Fitzsimmons
Published by dpr-barcelona,
Printed by Agpograf on April 2017 in Barcelona, Spain
Graphic design by Numa/Merino
Illustrations by Ida Elisabet Liffner


TRADERS (short for ‘Training Art and Design Researchers in Participation for Public Space’)​ is a FP7 / Marie Curie Multi-ITN project 

The TRADERS programme was initiated and executed by LUCA School of Arts (Belgium), the University of Gothenburg/School of Design and Crafts (Sweden), Design Academy Eindhoven / Readership Places and Traces (the Netherlands), the Royal College of Art / School of Architecture (United Kingdom), Chalmers University of Technology / Department of Architecture (Sweden), and KU Leuven / Planning and Development and the Architecture and Culture Theory research units (Belgium).

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