Wim Lambrecht


Visual artist Wim Lambrecht is a lecturer at Luca School of Arts campus Sint-Lucas Visual Arts in Ghent, a visiting lecturer at the Lemmensinstituut (Faculty of Music, Performing Arts and Education of the Luca School of Arts) and a researcher at Research Platform for Architecture and the Arts (FaK). He and his team are developing an innovative, audiovisual interpretation of the Song, in which the human voice has a pivotal position as an intermediary between the visible and the invisible. They aim to conceptualize the audiovisual fusion of image and sound as a scenography of the gaze approaching the individual aural sensory experience.

Performing Arts, Music, Fine Arts, Video, Light and Stage Design


campus Sint-Lucas Ghent:
- lecturer Film, Bachelor in Visual Arts
- lecturer Minima Docta, Bachelor in Visual Arts
- promotor Masterproef, Master in Visual Arts
- senior Researcher

campus Lemmens Leuven:
- lecturer Semiotics of the Visual Arts
- coach Master Students Drama

LUCA FaK / Faculty of the Arts association K.U. Leuven
- copromotor Phd in the Arts of Ivan Grubanov on 'The Evil Painter' (started in 2012)
- copromotor Phd in the Arts of Shervin Kianersi Haghighi on 'Lines of flight' (applied)

Member of The Advisory Board Luca Education Visual Arts
Member of The Advisory Board Luca Research

Research Projects:

2005 - 2009: 'In Traenen unendlicher Lust'

2010 - 2012: 'Seelenvoll'

2011 - 2012: 'Georgette Leblanc, à la recherche d'une femme perdue'

2012 - 2012: 'They Shoot Typo, Don't They?, a collection of filmposter design'

2012 - 2014: 'The Art of Loss, an artisitc research into an actual dramaturgy of Melancholy' -


2011: Exposition 'Het On(ver)draaglijke' - www.hetonverdraaglijke.be
2012: 150 jaar Sint-Lucas Gent - www.150jaar.be

wl_cv_2012.pdf, aanvullendeteksten.wl_.pdf, wl_gl_livre_sec.pdf

Jury member

2011: Video Formes, International Art Video Clermont Ferrand
2012: Prix Fernand Baudin Bruxelles et Wallonie
2012: Canvas Collection SMAK Gent

Member of the Advisory Board of Rekto:Verso, revue for art criticism (2009 - 2012)
Member of Transit / European Young Talents Forum (2009 - ...)


Art, space & context / Liberty inviting artists to take part


They Shoot Typo, Don’t They? A collection of film poster design
Georgette Leblanc. A la recherche d’une femme perdue. Een zoektocht naar Georgette Leblanc als liminale figuur tussen de plooien van de literatuur, het theater, de stille film en de beeldende kunsten

Wim Lambrecht
Wim Lambrecht
Wim Lambrecht
Wim Lambrecht
Wim Lambrecht
Wim Lambrecht

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