Warning: fraudulent advertisements!

When you are looking for student accommodation, beware of fraudulent advertisements on the internet. Fake landlords are renting out non-existent accommodation. Other imposters use stolen identities to rent out existing accommodation. They target international students in particular.

We certainly don’t want to scare you off but we want to advise you to be cautious.

  • Never pay a deposit before signing the contract and being 100% sure the accommodation exists and is for rent.
  • Always ask for the landlord’s personal information (name, surname, phone number and a photocopy of his/her ID).
  • Double-check the provided address on Google maps to see if it exists.

If you notice any suspicious advertisements or if you become a victim of a scam, please be sure to report this to the local police.

We always recommend visiting the room in real life to avoid scamming. Maybe you can try to come over to Belgium a few weeks in advance and stay at a hostel to arrange your accommodation. 

Don’t send any money in advance without contract or checkup of the room! Unfortunately, we have knowledge of a number of scamming cases in the past.


LUCA School of Arts & KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture

Looking for a student room?

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LUCA School of Arts & KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture

Looking for a student room?

  • We don’t have student accommodation of LUCA School of Arts or KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture in Gent. 
  • Consult the database of Kotatgent and find a room in Gent. This database states with every advertisement whether the room meets fire safety and housing quality. The average rent/month on Kotatgent for a room in 2021 is €369 excl. costs and €402 incl. EGW. The average rent for a studio is €502 excl.costs and €528 incl. EGW.
  • On this moment it's very difficult to find a student room: If you can’t find a place to rent in Gent (postcode 9000), maybe you can try to extend the search area to 9050 Ledeberg/Gentbrugge, 9031 Drongen, 9030 Mariakerke/Wondelgem…Gent isn’t that big to travel around.
  • Or try as a last attempt to find a student room in a student city near Ghent; for example Brugge, Kortrijk, Antwerpen, Brussel…. Have a look at the train tickets. Take a look at Kotwest: the official student room database of student cities in the west part of our country.

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    The rental agreement

    The rental agreement will specify certain things: the amount of the security deposit, the duration, the rental fee, notice period(s), obligations, rights, prohibitions, etc. A contract is binding, so once it has been signed there is no backing out of it.

    A Dutch, French and English model of a rental agreement can be viewed at Kotatgent or Brik Brussel 

    The deposit

    Keep in mind that you might be required to pay a deposit (max. 2 months). The landlord can request you to open a joint bank account for the deposit, which will be returned to you upon departure if no damage has been ascertained to the room or its furniture. The deposit should never be considered as payment for the rent!