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Korean traditional music and Korean flute workshop, followed by a concert by Taehyeon Kim (daegeum) and Taejoung Kim (janggu).

This event includes lectures, performances and workshops on the daegeum, a wind instrument in traditional Korean music. Participants will have the opportunity to get to know Korean music and instruments, possibly try playing the instruments themselves and enjoy live performances.

Belgian composer Baudouin de Jaer, together with Taehyeon Kim (daegeum) and Taejoung Kim (janggu) of the Contemporary Gugak Orchestra, will present performances ranging from traditional Korean music to contemporary compositions.

The event aims to showcase various aspects of Korean music and provide participants with an in-depth musical experience.

  • 10u: workshop traditional music 
  • 11u: workshop Korean flute
  • 12u: break
  • 12u30: concert 

This workshop is open to anyone interested in traditional music and flute.

The workshops and concert are free of charge.

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More information about this event can be found on the website of the Korean Cultural Center.