Lemmensberg 3
3000 Leuven
Chamber Music Hall

LUCA Percussions & LUCA Marimba Ensemble


This year, after 100 percussions on one stage, LUCA Percussions returns to its roots and commits to creativity and diversity for the promotion and support of the Flemish arts.

This academic year, we are collaborating with 7 promising young composers from the composition department of LUCA School of Arts. They have written music for percussion ensemble settings.

7 colourful pieces, 7 contrasting styles and 7 explorations in the art of percussion - this eye-opening event offers you a new sensation.


  • Bodies Weaving - Maxime Godfrind
  • Exploration of a Fairy Forest - Heidi Wyckmans
  • Exodus - Ruben Lievens
  • Awakening - Renata Saiakhova
  • The Chastisement of Christ by Pilate - Yune Leanne Paepe
  • Petite Méditation - José Retra
  • Zhangu - Nikolas Sels

led Jim Lin

Introduction in the Chamber Music Hall at 7:30 PM (until 7:50 PM) by composition students who wrote the works that will be performed by LUCA Percussions.

*The organisation reserves the right to change the programme.

**The final programme will be based on the date of the concert.

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Free for staff and students of LUCA/KSO