Elective (6stp COIL) between Belgium - Indonesia

My beautiful catastrophe

Next academic year 2024-2025, an elective (6stp) will be organised as a collaborative cultural initiative between Art and Architecture colleges in both Belgium and Indonesia.

The title reflects the complexities of climate change and its impact on communities. It’s an open call for students who are encouraged to unravel its multifaceted implications on society, the environment, and the broader cultural fabric. 

We bring together a diverse group of international students to make inventive and compelling works that provoke us to reimagine and reframe our responses to the climate crisis. 

We foster cross-cultural exchange and artistic exploration. We develop the ethical-moral dimension, education in people's attitudes and values, and thus support social development in turn. 

In June the call will be open to subscribe, more info contact caro.vandenhole@luca-arts.be, ronny.smedts@luca-arts.be ,esther.venrooij@luca-arts.be