WIRE or long Widening Innovation+Research Excellence in FilmEU is promoted by all eight HEIs currently members in the FilmEU Alliance. FilmEU fully represents Europe’s geographical, cultural, and linguistic differences, combined with the diversity and richness of its European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and its Research Area (ERA).

FilmEU brings together eight higher education institutions:

Focus on widening countries? 

WIRE integrates five out of eight academic partners each coming from widening countries, a majority of less research-intensive institutions and is led by an institution from a widening country. All WIRE activities are centred in widening countries, and it is these countries and less research-intensive HEIs that are beneficiaries of the project.

Our objective

WIRE’s main objective is to catalyse a step change in the excellence and innovation of the science and value creation activities carried out by and across the FilmEU Alliance via its capacity building and the promotion of several reforms across the HEIs in widening countries participating in the Alliance. WIRE will capacitate the FilmEU Alliance Research and Innovation R&I dimensions, notably by focusing on management and administrative competencies, for the benefit of its members in widening countries, and through that increase the overall competitiveness of the Alliance.


WIRE will achieve this through deeper and more geographically inclusive cooperation between all members of the Alliance. WIRE will contribute significantly to the expected outcomes of the call via the consolidation of an inclusive Alliance of HEIs which mostly (5 of 8) come from widening countries. Through collaboration between themselves and with other actors in local ecosystems, they will promote institutional and country-level reforms and upgrades, facilitate an embedded culture of excellence and value creation driven by artistic research, and focus on the cultural and creative industries, in view of increased competitiveness and accelerated institutional reforms in their R&I dimension.

WIRE (Widening Innovation+Research Excellence in FilmEU) is funded by Horizon Europe.

ERASMUS-EDU-2023-EUR-UNIV Project: 101124314



FILMEU brings together eight European Higher Education Institutions. Together, these institutions collaborate around the common objective of jointly promoting high-level education, innovation and research activities in the multidisciplinary field of Film and Media Arts and, through this collaboration, consolidate the central role of Europe as a world leader in the creative fields.