Internal appeal exam disputes

If you don’t agree with the published results/examination decisions, you are first advised to use the feedback option. You are also advised to contact the examination ombudsperson so that consultation can take place with the lecturer. If you wish to lodge an internal appeal after the feedback on your examination and your possible further contact with the examination ombudsperson, this must be done within 7 calendar days starting from the day after the publication of the examination results. 

If you miss this deadline, your appeal will be inadmissible and may not be considered by the appeals committee. You will no longer be able to submit the form. If you still think there are valid reasons to submit your complaint later, e.g. because the announcement of the results was exceptionally later than foreseen, you can send an e-mail to".

Please note: if a course unit has not been fully completed, it is not yet possible to lodge an objection about partial results. A formal complaint to the appeals committee, consisting of the dean and the administrative director of education of LUCA, is done by filling in this web form. 

In a complaint you include at least a factual description of the objections invoked, otherwise your appeal will be rejected as unfounded. (See also article 99 of the Education and Examination Regulations). 

If you wish to submit an objection for several course units, you must submit a separate form for each course unit.

If you experience technical problems sending your objection, please contact the ICT helpdesk: 
- Mail
- Call 02 250 11 11 (on working days from 9 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.)