UPDATE (14/4/2021): Code Red - Limited educational activities are possible again from April 19

Although the pandemic is still clearly present, we can happily resume our operations from April 19 as we did earlier this semester in "Code Red".
This means that:
• our campuses will be open again on a limited basis (subject to reservation)
• practical training for which no online initiative exists is possible under certain conditions
• the studios, lending services and libraries also reopen their doors
• we carefully follow the sector protocols for artistic activities
• we telecommute as much as possible
• we continue to respect all basic rules (hygiene, ventilation, distance…).
Rapid tests would be available from May, we are looking at how we can use them in the future, for example in group work.

Attention: the FAQs are regularly updated. If you have any doubts about something, read them again.


If you do need to be on campus, we explicitly ask you to respect the general rules of thumb.

Some rules of thumb:

  • Always respect the social distance of 1.50 m.
  • Mouth masks are mandatory when entering the campus, including during classes.
  • Wash your hands when entering campus.
  • Follow the circulation as indicated on campus.
  • Open the window where possible to provide adequate ventilation.
  • You can always disinfect your work or study place yourself, in each room, there will be a kit (70% ethanol + paper) available.
  • Leave the room and campus immediately after your appointment (workshop, studio, class,…).


Can I come to campus?
The general rule is homework. So you cannot just come to one of the LUCA campuses. To deviate from this rule, there are other agreements for students and staff. More concrete information can be found below.

How do I move around on campus?
You always keep at least 1.50 m (social distance) away from other people on the campus and you wear your mouth mask. You take the shortest route to the room where you need to be. You follow the applied markings, physical barriers, and signage. Respect the one-way traffic on the stairs. Lifts can only be used by people with reduced mobility. If you come to pick up or drop off equipment, you can exceptionally also use the lift. After your activity, you leave the campus by the shortest possible route.

Has the occupancy rate of the premises been adjusted?
In all rooms, the rule applies that you must keep at least a 1.50 m distance from others. The occupancy rate of classic classrooms, auditoriums, and meeting rooms have been adapted. Always respect the indicated capacity of the rooms and the indication of the available seats. Also, don't move chairs and tables

Can we organize physical events (exhibitions, performances,…) on or off-campus?
For this, we follow the rules that apply to the various cultural sectors. You can find the protocols for culture here (Dutch). At the moment only exhibitions are possible. Visitor numbers are limited and only possible by appointment. To organize this you can use the following LUCA tool.

What do I do when there is a fire alarm?
When you hear the evacuation signal, the usual guidelines apply for evacuating the campus. You do not have to follow the covid circulation plan. The general safety of all those present on campus takes priority over social distancing measures.

What if the government changes the rules?

We will of course apply them. We closely monitor the decisions of the government and we examine what that means for us. We always communicate about this as soon as possible.


    Do I have to wear a mouth mask?
    If you come to campus by public transport, you always wear a mouth mask. Outside of campus, you follow the local guidelines about wearing a mouth mask.
    Always wear your mouth mask on campus, also in the outdoor areas. In workshops, studios, or offices with Plexi screens or where a staff member can check whether you respect the 1.50 m social distance, you can remove your mouth mask when being seated or standing at your workplace.
    You don’t need to wear a mouth mask while eating, but keep a minimum distance of 1.5 m from other people, disinfect your hands and your seat before and after eating.


    What is a self-test?
    A self-test is an antigen test. Antigen-tests measure the presence of certain proteins and should not be analyzed in a lab. They can be performed and read immediately, making the result available quickly (usually after 15 minutes). A self-test is less reliable than a PCR test. Therefore, it is essential to continue to respect all basic measures (distance, mouth mask, hand hygiene).

    Why test for Covid19?
    Self-tests are especially useful to know whether you can go to campus without risking others. They are not actually intended for you to ensure that you are not infected. So it makes no sense to test yourself if you telecommute every day.

    Are self-tests mandatory?
    The use of self-tests is always voluntary and can never be made compulsory by LUCA School of Arts..

    How do I use the self-test?
    You can watch an instructional video here.

    I test positive on the self-test. Is a PCR test still necessary?
    By using the offered self-tests, if a self-test is positive, you also agree to the following agreements:

    • You go into isolation immediately
    • You contact your doctor immediately for a PCR test. The result of the PCR test determines whether you are actually infected or not.

    How do I save the self-test?
    You can store the self-tests at room temperature and in a dark place, but never in the fridge or freezer.

    When is a self-test not useful?
    Self-tests are used to screen preventively. This means that you can only use the tests if you:

    • shows no symptoms
    • are not identified as high-risk contact.

    Self-tests are also not used when returning from a red zone or during a procedure for a suspected cluster infection. Individuals who have recently overcome a confirmed COVID-19 infection have produced antibodies against the virus and are considered sufficiently protected against a new infection for 90 days. In this case, having preventive testing also has little added value.

    For employees who have already been partially or fully vaccinated, the use of a self-test is less useful, but its use is not recommended.

    How do I get a self-test?
    The self-tests can be picked up at the reception after approval from the campus manager. This will be further specified with the campus managers.


    Can I use facilities such as loan services, workshops, etc.?
    You can visit all these facilities by appointment via the known reservation systems. Free walk-in is not possible for a while. Check the Toledo page for all details.
    For material from the Lending Services you must reserve in advance via LUS. Free borrowings are not possible.
    We expect you to disinfect your hands before and after using materials from the university of applied sciences with the resources we make available for this purpose. Some objects brought to the face (eg cameras) can be temporarily quarantined between two users.

    Can I still go to the LUCA libraries to borrow books?
    You can still borrow books, etc. from the LUCA libraries. Make your choice in the online catalogue and make an appointment to pick up or return your material. Use the well-known online tools for this.

    Can I use other infrastructure on campus?
    Agreements have been made on the various campuses about the possible use of other infrastructure (eg individual workplaces, ...). You can find these regulations on the Toledo pages of your campus.

    Are the cafeterias on the campuses open?
    All cafeterias on the different LUCA campuses are closed.

    Is potable water available on campus?
    The tap water on campus is of course drinkable. But you bring your own, preferably reusable, bottle. Provide an identification mark so that no one can mistake the bottle.


    Do I work from home or on campus?

    The government has decided that working from home is the rule. We must all adhere to that. But there are of course exceptions. Sometimes you have no choice but to come to campus. The government has announced that it will monitor compliance with mandatory teleworking more strictly in the coming months.
    That is why every employee who comes to the campus must at all times have a certificate from the employer with them, stating the reason and period for which the presence on campus is necessary.

    I have to be on campus. How do I request a certificate "Declaration of commuting in the context of Covid"?If you need to come to campus, you must coordinate this with your manager. You must always have your certificate with you. This certificate can be found on the Sharepoint homepage.

    Can theory lessons continue on campus?

    This is only possible for so-called interaction lectures, wrap-up or booster sessions. These are preferably organized for first-year students. The limited room occupation must always be respected. You submit a specific request to the campus planners. Keep in mind that an application can be refused.

    As a researcher, can I carry out my research activities on campus?
    Telework is also the general rule for researchers.

    Are meetings or other gatherings possible on campus?
    It is not possible to hold meetings on the LUCA campuses. The rule is that we meet online.

    Are visitors welcome on campus?

    Although external parties are always welcome at LUCA, today we cannot receive visitors on our campuses. Postpone your appointments with third parties or opt for an online appointment. Members of midterm juries are not seen as external parties.

    I have to be on campus, but I think I belong to a high-risk group. What should I do?
    You contact the HR department. They will put you in touch with the occupational health service IDEWE for a telephone consultation. After all, it is the occupational physician who decides whether you belong to a risk group and which additional measures are necessary. The following criteria are used for this:
    • serious heart conditions that cause decreased heart function or heart failure
    • COPD / lung disease for which medication must be taken on a regular basis
    • severe renal insufficiency, after kidney transplantation or on dialysis
    • diabetes: if not stably controlled and/or if you suffer from two or more conditions (obesity, high blood pressure or kidney problems), Addison's disease
    • the use of immunosuppressive medication (cortisone, chemotherapy, and other immunosuppressive medication for chronic system disorders, oncological problems ...)
    • a reduced resistance: for example due to severe congenital or acquired immune disorder, stem cell transplant <2 years ago, asplenia (no spleen), severe leukocytopenia (shortage of white blood cells) ..

    Can I go on a business trip for LUCA School of Arts?
    As a staff member individually go on a study trip and participate in conferences, events, workshops, etc. in all countries of the European Economic Area and Switzerland. Always take into account the current travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which closely monitors the epidemiological circumstances. Travel outside these countries will certainly remain prohibited until February 1, 2021.
    In the run-up to your business trip, we check the colour of the region to which you wish to travel. If the colour code is red, a decision is taken according to a defined procedure.

    Can I organize an activity with an overnight stay for students?
    Multi-day activities with overnight stay are not possible.

    Can I go on a study trip abroad with students?
    Study trips abroad with students are not possible.

    Is incoming personnel mobility of guest speakers, guest lecturers, ... possible?
    Incoming staff mobility for educational activities is not possible.


    Will I actually have classes on campus from April 19?

    Educational activities that can be organized online will remain online. Practical training for which there is no digital alternative can take place on campus. But always in small groups, respecting all existing guidelines. If protocols exist in the cultural field concerned, they are always followed. 
    For all concrete information about all your lessons, it is best to regularly consult your schedule and class schedule.
    The specific measures for the music and drama courses will be retained.

    Are theory lessons given on campus from 19 April?
    In principle, no theory lessons are offered on campus. An exception is made for so-called interaction lectures, wrap-up or booster sessions. These are preferably organized for first-year students. The limited room occupation must always be respected. For all concrete information about all your lessons, it is best to regularly consult your schedule and class schedule.

    I cannot attend online classes due to illness/quarantine. Do I have to provide proof of my absence?

    Your presence may also be mandatory for online lessons. It is important to report this via the normal way of reporting sick, in particular: https://proform.luca-arts.be/student/ziektemelding 
    A piece of documentary evidence can be a doctor's certificate, but if that is not possible or necessary (eg because you are in quarantine without having to visit the doctor), you can also use other evidence that confirms that you should remain in quarantine.
    Do not forget to contact your teacher if you are unable to request information about the missed lesson from fellow students or if you need additional explanation.
    For certain activities, you will be able to use the online material that is made available to students who are unable to attend the lectures.
    In addition, we expect that if you test positive for COVID-19 and have recently been on campus, you will report this by filling in a web form

    What if my proposed vaccination moment coincides with an exam?
    First check whether your vaccination moment can be scheduled at a different time. If this is not possible, please contact the ombudsperson of your study programme. Only if you can demonstrate (by e – mail or any other type of evidence) that a rescheduling of the vaccination moment was not possible, an on overlap between a vaccination moment and an exam is a valid reason to reschedule within the examination period.

    What if you are unsure or you have doubts concerning taking an exam?
    We would like to motivate you to take the exam anyway. This due to the fact that there might be a possibility from the government to request a return of your credits that you didn’t pass. This was the case for the academic year 2019 – 2020. Even though the government hasn’t decided on the upcoming examination period, we ask you not to miss out on this possibility to apply for a return of your credits that you didn’t pass and therefore to show up for the exam. Make sure to register and participate if you can retake an examination. As soon as we receive additional information whether or not the possibility of 2019 – 2020 will also apply for 2020 – 2021, we will also place it on this platform.

    Where can I get tested on Covid 19?

    You'll find all the necessary information on here and the website of the Belgian Government

    What can I expect from student life?

    The general rules that apply to our society naturally also apply to students. Today you cannot expect anything from physical student life. But nothing prevents you from connecting with your fellow students online.



    Which hygiene measures are being taken?
    By regularly opening the windows and/or by using the ventilation systems, the rooms are continuously ventilated with outside air. Hand washers are available and you will also find hygiene sets in the rooms. Wash and disinfect your hands regularly. Also regularly disinfect your seating and workplace.

    I feel sick, what should I do?
    If you are sick or you show mild symptoms of illness, please definitely stay at home. Under no circumstances will you come to campus. If you do come and you are diagnosed with a fever, cough, etc., you will be refused access to the campus.

    I don't feel good about the current situation in which we live and work. Where can I go?

    We realize that the drag on the Covid crisis and the measures being taken can weigh on your mental well-being.

    As a student, you can always contact student services.

    Staff members can always contact their supervisors, colleagues and supervisors and the confidential antennae.

    My Corona test is positive. How do I notify the university of applied sciences?
    In order to guarantee your privacy as much as possible, we have drawn up a web form with which you inform LUCA School of Arts. Based on this, our prevention service can evaluate the situation and possibly take additional measures so that everyone can continue to use the campuses safely. 

    Will I be notified if someone on campus is infected? 

    After reporting an infection via www.luca-arts.be/helpiaminfected, LUCA performs a risk analysis to determine which measures must be taken. If there has been a high-risk contact with other people on campus, the people involved will be individually informed of what measures are being taken. The name of the infected person is not disclosed. In the case of low-risk contact, the head of the study program will decide whether the students involved should be informed.

    If it is established that there was no risk contact on campus, no additional measures are necessary and no communication will be made about this.

    I am in close contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 outside of LUCA?
    Do not come to campus and wait for instructions from the government or contact your doctor. If you need to be tested and it turns out positive, report this via www.luca-arts.be/helpiaminfected.

    Can I call on First Aid during my activity on campus?

    Due to the obligation to work from home, we cannot guarantee that a first aid employee will always be present. Usually, an appeal will be made to external assistance. If you have a problem, contact the reception of your campus immediately.

    Do you have any questions about the impact of the virus on your education? Send an email to info@luca-arts.be