Academic Calendar

When does the registration period start and end? When do classes start? Academic calendar?

For an overview of academic calendar and the activities during the year, please browse to and click on the calendar/attachment.

Kick-off events at the beginning of the academic year are held per campus and will be announced in due course. For illustrative purposes, please find here the kick-off events of 2020:

Is it possible to join a degree programme in the middle of the year or do you offer a course starting in the spring semester?

For degree seeking students, in many of our degree programmes you can't start in the middle of the academic year or in the spring semester, because we have one single starting moment for every programme (September) and due the curriculum structure, whereby we have not adopted a semester structure everywhere. Also, many practical courses follow a year structure, are evaluated at the end of the academic year (without a mid-term evaluation) and thus these course units are not split up in semester components.

Students who start in the spring semester (like exchange students), can enroll only for a limited amount of course units and corresponding credits.

Is it possible for international degrees students to split-up a study programme in two or more parts (example: a 60 ECTS master in two years of 30 ECTS)?

We refer to the LUCA Education and Exam Regulation 2021-2022, article 21 'Rules to all students', §2 Specific provisions for international students.

The rules are different for EEA- nationals (European Economic Area) and non-EEA nationals with a permanent residence on the one hand, and non-EEA nationals with a temporary residence in Belgium on the other hand. Students with non-EEA nationality but who are staying temporarily in Belgium are obliged to follow a study programme with a credit weight of at least 54 ECTS. In case of a first registration at LUCA no exceptions to this rule are allowed. Only upon a following/second registration and in very exceptional and individual circumstances non-EEA-students will have the possibility to apply for an exemption of the 54 credits-rule. Students will be asked to apply via the following tool and the Vice-Dean for Education will decide if you granted an exception or not.