Specialization in the international Master of Music
120 ECTS / 2 year
Campus Leuven / Lemmens


Is music your passion? Do you dream of a career in music? With us, you can follow your own path and develop your personal talents under the guidance of a team of specialists: you choose for a streamlined package that will lead you to the stage, the studio, the classroom, or wherever you want to be musically active.

If you want to be a performing musician, you can choose a path that is oriented towards being a soloist, or playing in an ensemble, chamber music or orchestra. Pianists can place a specific accent on the art of teaching. If as a teacher you want to share your love of music, then you can lay the foundations for this during your academic training. If you want to be an all-round musician, then you can keep all your options open, including that of research.

If you are not yet certain about your profile, then your tutors and mentors will help you discover it. Once you have chosen a specific profile you can begin to add your own touches. From year to year, you determine a large part of your study programme.  

In order to decide your direction, you need a strong musical basis. Solfège and music dictation are indispensable investments from which you will reap the benefits throughout your career. You will hone your skills in listening, rhythm, metrics, intonation and sight-reading. You will learn polyphonic thinking in courses such as harmony, counterpoint, practical harmony and piano (for non-pianists). During the first year, you will decide how deep you want to penetrate the different facets of this basic training according to your chosen musical profile.

At the heart of your degree is your training as an instrumentalist or singer, for which you can choose from a large team of specialists. During your master degree, you will add your own accents in the choice of programme for your master project. You can study every weekday from 08:30 to 21:30 on campus, where hundreds of studios are at your disposal. Naturally, you don’t always play music alone, but in chamber music groups or within an ensemble of your instrument group. You will supplement your individual learning under the direction of a conductor and/or a specialised chamber music teacher. You will experience playing in large ensembles in our choir, symphony orchestra or concert band.

To situate your repertoire in a musical, cultural and even political context and thus make well-informed choices, you also follow courses such as Music History, Music Theory, Music Philosophy, Aesthetics and Cultural History.

Master programme

The master graduate project

For your master graduate project, you choose your own artistic project. You realize this work and present it to a jury of internal and external experts during a public presentation. You contextualize your work with a thesis with which you situate your work within or against existing literature and debates. This proves that you can orient yourself within the field of the chosen artistic discipline.

For your master's thesis, you can make use of technical support and productional assistance and you rely on the advice of the tutors. Nevertheless, with your master's thesis, you prove that you work to a large extent independently.

For master students in Classical Performance this comprises of a solo recital. For the reflective component, and under the guidance of a promoter, a thesis is written about one aspect of one of the compositions they perform in the artistic component.

"I came for my main subject teacher, but stayed with LUCA for everything else."

Emiel Vertongen, student cello

Masterclasses, symposia and intense practical experiences

Every year, the program organizes interesting masterclasses, workshops and clinics with external experts, renowned foreign instrumentalists, music therapists and pedagogues. Music practice is central to our campus. You not only make music during your practical lessons or self-study but also participate in our ensembles, choirs and orchestras and the prestigious artistic productions. These experiences transform you into a team player.

Cross overs

LUCA School of Arts is a biotope in which collaboration between students from different art disciplines is stimulated. This results in interesting crossovers and innovative artistic practices.


Your personality and your ambitions are the starting point in our music training. Your teachers are not teachers who impose working methods, but coaches who help you devise your own solutions and tell your own story. For them, there is no better challenge than to support and inspire you. As a master student you will take the lead and they will support you.

Other subjects

Brass Ensemble  Benny Wiame  
Chamber Music Ludwig Albert Ilse Eerens
  Nadine Bal Elisa Kawaguti
  Nico Baltussen Christel Kessels
  Philippe Benoit Jaap Kruithof
  Lin Ching-Cheng João Carlos Victor
  Griet Cornelis Benny Wiame
  Geert De Bièvre  
Choir Kurt Bikkembergs  
Entrepreneurship Bart Spanhove  
Historical Performance Practice Anna Besson Dirk Van Daele
  Floris De Rycker Jan Vermeulen
Music Analysis  Alessandro Cervino  
Opera Thomas Blondelle Jos Verlinden
Orchestra Ivan Meylemans Michel Tilkin
Percussion Ensemble Lin Ching-Cheng  
Piano accompanist Rita Degraeuwe Filip Martens
  Axel Freier Dorenda Notermans
  Paul Hermsen Catherine Mertens
  Peter Jeurissen Hilde Persyn
  Alexios Lizios Roeland Vermeulen
Practical Harmony Marc Deckers  
Research in Performing Arts Jeroen D'hoe  
Saxophone Ensemble Tom De Haes  
String Ensemble Marc Tooten  
Transposition Jeroen Vanbever  

Facilities & campus life

Further studies and career

On campus Lemmens, I have been able and allowed to develop myself very broadly. All aspects of being a musician were nurtured and challenged. I have also grown enormously on a personal level, with trial and error. The strong and fast reading basis that I got there, has also given me many advantages later on as a performing artist.

Astrid Stockman

As a Master in Music your options are diverse. As an entrepreneur-artist you can create solo and chamber music projects, find your way to theatre and production houses or you can look forward to a brilliant future as an arranger, composer, programmer or conductor. As a performing musician, you are ready to participate in auditions from renowned orchestras and ensembles.

As an educational artist, you have teaching qualifications in Part-time Art Education (DKO), other forms of education, non-formal art education and social-artistic work. If this is your chosen path you should definitively check our shortened Educational Master.

I entered the Lemmens with a clear goal: to become a trombone player in an orchestra. And I have effectively been given all the things that should have enabled me to do this. But it has gone in a different direction in the music industry. What I especially remember and still use today is the network around the Lemmens. There was and is an openness to look beyond walls. It might be a quip, but what I learned in the cafeteria and at the student club are at least as important (and fun) as the love for and knowledge of music that the staff gave me.

Bart Van der Roost

Application & entry requirements

Enrollment procedure

The application and enrollment procedure at LUCA School of Arts consists in general of three steps.

  1. First you will have to submit an online Admissions application in which you will be asked to upload certain documents required for the Admissions’ diploma and language check. We will be checking if you meet with the diploma and language requirements.
  2. The second step continues with your participation in a Master Assessment.
  3. Step three is the final and binding (online) registration (for which you will receive a unique registration link after succeeding the Master Assessment).

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