Creatives for good

one-to-one design project, mei 2017

Inge Ferwerda

Strategists claim that communication campaigns can best contribute to sustainability through innovative design (instead of classic communication). In order to facilitate sustainable behavior (instead of communicating only), the role of the art director and the conceptdesigner is more and more shifting from creating communication to the design of solutions and experiences. Communication agencies are convinced of the need for such a paradigm shift, but indicate that designers do not always have the right knowledge and skills. This research project looks at ways in which sustainable communication design can be implemented in practice.

Literature study, interviews and focus groups with stakeholders (communication and other designers, strategists and communications agencies) and analysis of existing campaigns will provide useful insights, tools and methods for sustainable communication design. Designing communication campaigns for some concrete cases will provide insights, tools and methods that will be then evaluated, tested and refined. This ultimately results in recommendations and examples that aims to help art directors, conceptdesigners, communications agencies and their customers to deploy campaigns for business, for change and for good in the world.

  • Project leader: Inge Ferwerda
  • Research unit: LABOPro
  • Course: Visual communication
  • Duration: 2017-2019
  • Finance: PWO
  • Contact:

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