Mike Carremans: The Colour Blind Artist

The Colour Blind Artist. The Influence of Aberrations in Colour Perception within Figurative Painting

Mike Carl Carremans

  • Research Unit Image
  • Research Group Art & Argument

Is there a possibility to visualise the chromatic aberrations in a colour blind artist's perception for a non colour blind public? This question is the starting point of an analysis of the painter's colour pallet, which will be categorised afterwards with the purpose of extrapolating a consequent colour system, that can function as a comparative criterion opposed to the true image.

On this subject we can also pose the question about the value of truthfulness that this image contains: is the image an original copy, or is it more interpretable as a simulacrum? The latter brings us to the question whether or not there is an analogy between this situation and the application of flaws that are inherent to specific methods in image reproduction within painting.

  • Supervisor: Stéphane Symons
  • Co-supervisor: Peter Hulsmans
  • Duration: 2010-15
  • E-mail: mike.carremans@gmail.com
  • Website: http://www.duflon-racz.ch/102.html

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