William Gutiérrez Villamizar: First as treachery, Then as parse

First as treachery, Then as parse (Artistic Affairs Bureau: Word-wide Detour)

William Gutiérrez Villamizar

  • Research Unit Intermedia
  • Research Group Mediated Environments

This project aims to develop a comprehensive body of work (both theoretical and practical) based on an extensive historical analysis of art and language’s relationship. To do so, the research methodology chosen resembles the Media Archaeology/Studies, specifically if applied to the three mayor stages of conceptual art and (it’s) current media technological development:

  • European/American Conceptual Art (“Linguistic turn” against the market)
  • Soviet Conceptualism (Against “Capital Letters”)
  • Latin American Conceptualism (Publicity “Against the System”).

In order to probe the fact that media choices in conceptualism are subject to media development rather than aesthetic theory, the theoretical framework for what I call Comprehensive Written Art must be materialized as practice. Meaning fundamental Conceptual Art pieces must be remade through the glass of current media developments. Next to this, The Artistic Affairs Bureau mobile office is to be develop, in order to answer the question for the place of written arts, this includes Public space Interventions and Post-Digital-Print projects

  • Supervisor: Dr. Steven Devleminck (LUCA)
  • Co-supervisor: Maarten Vanvolsem (LUCA)
  • Duration: 2016-2020
  • E-mail: cut.fold.splice@gmail.com

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