Publication on the discourse about masculinity

Masculinities+: Inclusive Articulations and Practices in Fashion, Media and Popular Culture

With this book, the editors Dirk Reynders and Hilde Van den Bulck aim to bring together a wide variety of contributions to interdisciplinary, collaborative making practices with a socially engaged and critical perspective. The goal of the book is to illuminate the current state of theory, best practices, and case studies of critically engaged practices on masculinity in higher education and informal learning contexts, to make them accessible for students as well as educators and professionals, and to foster critical debate at large.

This book goes beyond the historical, psychological, and cognitive approach. . With contributions from educators, artists, historians, designers, critics, and image-makers, this series of essays, interviews, and case studies showcase creative projects that address issues of gender bias, and break down institutional barriers, celebrate a diversity of thoughts, perspectives, and experiences; and honors various identities. This book aims to propose new understanding, and ultimately inspire new pathways for artists and designers to build systematic changes about masculinity.

There is a need to start a cultural discourse on masculinity in culturally diverse contexts, to indicate the importance of the need for male emancipation to succeed at the first steps to unity, which reflects what the new society of the 21st century is all about. This book will allow for powerful change in the voices that the creative industry is honoring and uplifting.

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