Research and Innovation play a prominent role at Luca School of Arts. LUCA Faculty of Arts leads on inspiring and facilitating research across a wide variety of disciplines- visual arts, audiovisual arts, performing arts, music and design. The researchers of LUCA Pro support industry and small and medium-sized organisations to develop innovative solutions to their real-world problems.

Drawing from practice and theory, our research cultivates the rich creative environments of our 5 campuses  (Brussels, Genk, Ghent and Leuven), enriching our students' practice and overall knowledge. Luca also collaborates with KU Leuven on its PhD  programme in the arts, further demonstrating our leading status as a centre for excellence in the fields of artistic research. 

Doctorate in the arts

Interested in doing a doctorate in the arts at LUCA Faculty of the Arts? The first step is that you need to find a supervisor who is willing to support your research project. 

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Research projects

Francesca Ajossa: The Ear as an Eye

Doctoral project by Francesca Ajossa

Mostafa Youssef: The Idol Shop: Toppled Stillness. The Performance of Iconoclasm in Contemporary Middle East and North Africa

Doctoral project in the Arts by Mostafa Youssef

Vincent Thornhill: Automated optimisation of smartphone imagery: A search for alternative conceptions of the ideal through computational photography

Doctoral project in the Arts by Vincent Thornhill

Veronika Romhàny: Only one discipline: define yourself! Mind Maps - collaborative digital art practices as self- and system critical tools

Doctoral project in the Arts by Veronika Romhàny

Konstantina Kapsali: Towards Vera, the Girl Next Door. A study on the essay film as a personal journey into a neighborhood’s archaeology

Doctoral project in the Arts by Konstantina Kapsali

Nairy Eivazy: The Objects We Carry, the Memories We Share

Doctoral project in the Arts by Nairy Eivazy

Jay Mar Albaos: Belgium’s Paperless: Lived Precarity in Futureless Paradigms

Doctoral project in the Arts by Jay Mar Albaos

Anneke Rombaut: A commercial break lasts as long as an abdominal muscle workout

Gert Keyaerts: iFiction

Open source modular casting mold system

The Exploration of Specific Modalities of Musical Co-Play in Relation to Psychopathology



The Art of Loss


Into the Wild


Multiple Words


Facing the Hero



Theatre Making as praxis in Artistic Secondary Education (KSO)

Study on the health & wellbeing of music creators

Music and Dementia

"Les Cloches de Corneville". A practice-based research on carillon transcriptions and arrangements of opera's in the 19th century


Vulnerability as a strength

Improvisation for all! Pupils’ experiences with collective free improvisation in the classroom.



Body & Performativity embodied

Wild Matters

THE ! Technology in Health Care


(Re)designing for the moments in between


Not in my backyard

‘Make-Machines’: building custom digital fabrication machines by non-experts

Informal circuits

Heart & Sweat

Diversity in cultural education

Diversifying Design Education

Custom Territory Antwerp


Circle Sector

Cinema Zoology

At Home. Artistic and Designerly Practices to reinforce the Feeling of Home in Residential Care for People with Dementia


Keep Forget


Bespoke Design. Designing Open Tools for Self-management in Diabetes


Bruno Vandermeulen and Danny Veys: (In)site, Site-related Photography Revised

Rituals for phones and hands

REDRAWING CHILDHOOD - archival research

TAPTA Unraveled

Sculture nel tempo. Philip Van Isacker’s works in public space

Impuls project

Sound Type. Development of a set of graphic symbols that expands the visual rendition of soundtracks in audiovisual communication