Research and Innovation play a prominent role at Luca School of Arts. LUCA Faculty of Arts leads on inspiring and facilitating research across a wide variety of disciplines- visual arts, audiovisual arts, performing arts, music and design. The researchers of LUCA Pro support industry and small and medium-sized organisations to develop innovative solutions to their real-world problems.

Drawing from practice and theory, our research cultivates the rich creative environments of our 5 campuses  (Brussels, Genk, Ghent and Leuven), enriching our students' practice and overall knowledge. Luca also collaborates with KU Leuven on its PhD  programme in the arts, further demonstrating our leading status as a centre for excellence in the fields of artistic research. 

Doctorate in the arts

Interested in doing a doctorate in the arts at LUCA Faculty of the Arts? The first step is that you need to find a supervisor who is willing to support your research project. 

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Krijg de kans om aan een unieke en nieuwe techniek te werken rond schilderen met mycelium met internationale kunstenaar Ofer Grunwald, de kunstenaar die de methode ontwikkelde.


A Bow’s-eye View: Perspectives from a Violinist at the Workbench


Before Sound: Re-Composing Material, Time, and Bodies in Music


Headbanging to Progressive Metal, or Musical Meter as Embodied Knowledge


Share (and create new?) knowledge in relation to own (creative and research) practices, through a common lens on ‘situated creative practices’


Unvoicing Migraine: A Study of the Failing Voice


Re-worlding is a series of seminars and lectures to stimulate reflection and debate on research in art, architecture and design.


Digital Performative Mapping


In this seminar we want to explore interculturality in artistic research. PhD-students from LUCA School of Arts present intercultural aspects of their projects, responded by their supervisors, open for discussion. The session is accessible for everyone and recorded for later use.


Young people tell how they experience climate change in Brussels through videos, interactive installations and participatory games.

Research projects

The Betterverse

Research projects (completed) Music & Drama

Research projects (ongoing) Music & Drama

Research projects (completed) Image

Research projects (ongoing) Image

We have the receipt of fern seed, we walk invisible -Dye plants and precarious landscapes

Annelotte Lammertse: Third landscapes and the role of dye plants

Doctoral project in the Arts by Annelotte Lammertse

Yoni Lefévre: Longing For: A design-led exploration of intimacy and sexual expression within the context of residential care for individuals of advanced age with high support needs

Doctoral project in the Arts by Yoni Lefévre

The Optimal Frame


Oxytocin and the development of attachment

Workshop School

From deception to insight. The trompe l'oeil as a searchlight in the artistic creation process

Apologie van het schrift

(3D) Audio MoCap

Seeing the imperceptable

Exploring the possibilities of redistribution

Nele Möller: The Forest Echoes Back

Doctoral project in the Arts by Nele Möller

Situated Creative Practices

Charlotte Dorn: Empathy for the animal in contemporary art

Doctoral research in the Arts by Charlotte Dorn

Can Boyan: Making-becoming through Matter: Studio Art Practice As Post-anthropocentric Pedagogy

Doctoral research in the Arts by Can Boyan

Klara Van Es: Inbetweenisms

Doctoral research in the Arts by Klara Van Es

Amber De Coen: How to understand, access, record, and integrate identity in care contexts for persons with high support needs who cannot speak for themselves, through the use of design

Doctoral research in the Arts by Amber De Coen

Hella Van der Jeught: Creative resilience in young people in the semi-clinical pediatric context

Doctoral research in the Arts by Hella Van der Jeught

Yingda Dong: Collision and fusion

Doctoral project in the Arts by Yingda Dong

Viktorija Rybakova: Geography of the Senses

Doctoral project by Viktorija Rybakova

Material Speculations

Merging Minds. Enriching a multidisciplinary design process with soft skills.


Research projects (ongoing) LABOpro

Doctoral projects (completed) Music & Drama

Doctoral projects (ongoing) Music & Drama

Research projects (completed) Inter-Actions

Research projects (ongoing) Inter-Actions

Doctoral projects (completed) Inter-Actions

Doctoral projects (ongoing) Inter-Actions

Research projects (ongoing) Intermedia

Doctoral projects (ongoing) Intermedia

Doctoral projects (completed) Intermedia

Research projects (completed) Intermedia

This is art education

Mostafa Youssef: The Idol Shop: Toppled Stillness. The Performance of Iconoclasm in Contemporary Middle East and North Africa

Konstantina Kapsali: Towards Vera, the Girl Next Door. A study on the essay film as a personal journey into a neighborhood’s archaeology.

Doctoral projects (ongoing) Image

Vincent Thornhill:A search for alternative conceptions of the ideal through computational photography.

Nairy Eivazy: The Objects We Carry, the Memories We Share

Yana Dimitrova: Towards a Shared Autonomy. Painting as an Emancipatory Practice.

Doctoral project in the Arts by Yana Dimitrova

Wim Buts: Design 4.0: a research into strategies for designers in the 4th industrial revolution

Doctoral project in the Arts by Wim Buts

Vitor Candeias: EyeScape: Automation of Cinematic Narratives

Doctoral project in the Arts by Vitor Candeias


Vinicius Marquet: Remediating the collaborative storytelling workshop into digital mediated spaces

Doctoral project in the Arts by Vinicius Marquet