Research and Innovation play a prominent role at Luca School of Arts. LUCA Faculty of Arts leads on inspiring and facilitating research across a wide variety of disciplines- visual arts, audiovisual arts, performing arts, music and design. The researchers of LUCA Pro support industry and small and medium-sized organisations to develop innovative solutions to their real-world problems.

Drawing from practice and theory, our research cultivates the rich creative environments of our 5 campuses  (Brussels, Genk, Ghent and Leuven), enriching our students' practice and overall knowledge. Luca also collaborates with KU Leuven on its PhD  programme in the arts, further demonstrating our leading status as a centre for excellence in the fields of artistic research. 

Doctorate in the arts

Interested in doing a doctorate in the arts at LUCA Faculty of the Arts? The first step is that you need to find a supervisor who is willing to support your research project. 

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Research projects

The future of the artistic object

"Bioscopic Books". Artist's books as seen through the cinema eye

Research projects (completed) LABOpro

Inge Ferwerda: Creatives for good

Birgit Sebreghts: Developing creative capacity in adults with ASS and musical improvisation

Doctoral research in the Arts by Birgit Sebreghts

Ivan Grubanov: Unnation

Doctoral project in the Arts by Ivan Grubanov

Art School Futures Labs 2045 (FAST45)

Future Art School Trends 2045

This project aims at strengthening Europe’s innovation capacity and at fostering innovation in higher art education and business.