Contact Stuvo on your campus for individual and short-term psychological help.

Individual consult in Brussels

For students of LUCA School of Arts & KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture. 

Pol Gerits 

  • psychologist
  • The intake interview is always free. For the follow-up appointments we ask a contribution of €5.
  • The appointments take place via Skype or at Pol's practice (Edmond Tollenaerestraat 56 bus 10, 1020 Laken).
  • Dutch and English spoken. 
  • +32 (0) 473 95 96 80

Sofie Giets

  • psychologist (systemic psychotherapy)
  • Have a free and confidential appointment (online or in real life at the Stuvo offices). 
  • Dutch and French spoken. 
  • Lefrancqstraat 9, 1030 Brussel

Individual consult in Ghent

For students of LUCA School of Arts & KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture. 

Samantha Werthen

Group sessions in Brussel and Gent

Check our Stuvo calendar! 

Individual consult in Leuven

Maaike De Zitter 

Or contact the Student Health Centre KU Leuven

Individual consult in Genk

Psychological Services

Emergency Help 

Emergency Help 24/7 

Tele-Onthaal: Call 106
Ambulance: Call 112
Suicide line: Call 1813
Awel: Call 102
On-call GP: Call 1733
Poison Centre: Call 070 245 245

Or contact 


MoodSpace is a place for students. Packed with reliable information, tips and self-help tools to tackle emotional problems or to help you study confidently. It offers room for student stories, peptalk and helps you find the help you need. It is thé check to put your mental health first. Check MoodSpace here. 

Train your awkward muscle

Cave syndrome is a new term that is used to indicate that people will have a hard time getting back to their normal lives and normal social interactions after the pandemic,” says professor psychology  Inez Germeys (KU Leuven) . "We are no longer used to all that stimulation. Typical things like small talk, how did that work? Those are things we haven't been working on for a long time."

An awkward feeling in social situations is normal, we all know. But  don't let this scare you. Due to the corona pandemic, we are missing some training. By sharing with others which awkward situations we have experienced, we feel less alone and we can support each other. So talk about it with your friends.

Are you still having a hard time getting back to your social life? Do not hesitate to make an appointment with a Stuvo counselor.