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What does the volcano say?

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Within their oeuvre, Sarah & Jonas work with live camera and live composition, in addition to other techniques linked to broadcasting and image manipulation. They touch on themes such as vulnerability, malleability and radical imagination. In this experiment, sensor data and projections, computer memory and computing power (in other words: spatial computing) will further fuel this need.

In the project, the duo is looking for an implementation of image recognition as a tool or trigger to achieve participation in steering narrative. Interaction between audience and performance is central and forms the bridge with the context of, among other courses, Human Computer Interaction (HCI 1&2).

The result of this short research residency program will form the basis for a technical workshop on image recognition led by Sarah & Jonas, tailored to students. The workshop will take place in the fall of 2023.

About LUCA.breakout

This project was realized with support from the #LUCAbreakout fund. LUCA School of Arts pools resources to support students, researchers, teachers and employees willing to put LUCA on the map. A central budget provides low-threshold support for well-defined initiatives.