Specialization in the international Master of Music
120 ECTS / 2 year
Campus Leuven / Lemmens

In our master’s program Conducting you’ll learn how to conduct a choir, wind band or symphonic orchestra. A solid technical basis, a professional insight into performance practice and interpretation form the basis of your program, together with a broad literature overview,. You’ll learn to rehearse efficiently in a pedagogical and methodical way, partly through practice-oriented analyses of works and performances.



The master's program

The master's thesis

The master's thesis consists of a self-chosen artistic project. You realise this work and will present it to a jury of internal and external experts during a public presentation. You substantiate and contextualize it with a thesis that situates your work within or against existing literature and debates. This proves that you can orientate yourself within the field of your artistic discipline. For your master's thesis you can make use of technical and production support on our campus and you can rely on the advice of the study counselors. Nevertheless, with your master's thesis you prove that you work independently to a large extent.

Inspiration for your master's thesis


Every year, the program organises interesting masterclasses, workshops and clinics with external experts, renowned foreign instrumentalists, music therapists and pedagogues.

Music practice is central to our campus. You not only make music during your practical lessons or self-study, but you will also participate in our ensembles, choirs and orchestras and the prestigious artistic productions. These experiences transform you into a team player.


LUCA School of Arts is a biotope in which collaboration between students from different art disciplines is stimulated. This results in interesting crossovers and innovative artistic practices. Students can also include electives from all LUCA programs, ranging from film or photography to graphic design or interior design to product design or sculpture.


Choir conductin Kurt Bikkembergs
Orchestra conducting (symphonic and wind) Ivan Meylemans
Instrumentation/Arrangement Kevin Houben

Facilities & campus life

What do you need?

A good command of English (level B2) is required to make the most of your stay with us. Campus Lemmens does not own student accommodation. Therefore, you will have to rent a room on the private housing market for the duration of your stay. To help you in your search, please visit the website of the KUL or contact our student support services

Further studies and career

“Don't wait, search on your own and find connecting arts yourself and dare to push your own boundaries.” It sounds sobering when you just start at the Lemmens Institute, but you actually get a gift in the form of a necessary portion of life wisdom. Teachers immediately will tell you that from now on, it will be a lot of hard work. You will receive a thorough technical training, but then it is up to you. Dare to say yes, dare to make mistakes, keep your vision open and dare to think outside the box. There are no perfect paths to follow. Follow your own path." Kevin Houben

As a conductor you can work with the many choirs and wind orchestras, both as in the amateur arts sector, as well as in professional ensembles. There is a lot of project-based work. In this context, collaboration with and insight into other art forms are of great importance.

Application & entry requirements

All Erasmus+ Exchange Students need to apply via the exchange application procedure of LUCA School of Arts. During your application process, you can indicate the LUCA campus of your choice and the exchange programme you wish to apply for. Notice that not all programmes are open for incoming exchange students in both semesters. An overview can be found  here.

  • The deadline for the Autumn Semester / full year is April 30
  • The deadline for the Spring Semester is November 1

Outcome Exchange Application

The outcome of the application can be expected within 4-6 weeks after the application deadline. Both you and your international coordinator will be informed about the result of your application by e-mail. No need to inquire about the outcome yourself.

To enroll in a master's program you must have an academic bachelor's degree that grants direct access.

Do you have a related Academic Bachelor's degree or a Professional Bachelor's degree? Then in certain cases it is possible to enroll in the master's program after following a bridging or preparatory program. If there is no bridging or preparatory program, you can inquire about the possibility of enrolling as a lateral entrant in the bachelor program.

Contact us

If you need more information, don't hesitate to contact us:

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