About Us

As one of 5 campus locations of the LUCA School of Arts, we offer you a lively and interesting opportunity to join us for an inspiring student life. In most of our degrees we propose an exciting international study offer for a Semester Exchange. Our lecturers will teach, guide and coach you in English for a smooth study experience. Supporting student facilities, our staff and local campus life will make your stay with us pleasant.

About our location

Our compact yet fully equipped and modern campus is located on an impressive old mining site that has been successfully transformed into a vibrant and inspiring hub of innovative companies, culture houses and design centres. Campus C-Mine offers the ideal combination of a vibrant site, with the tranquility of the surrounding nature. The city of Genk is within a 10 minutes distance.

Our campus is located in the heart of the Euregion, providing easy connections to the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom and Germany. Different cultures find each other effortlessly in the nearby district with its restaurants, bars, specialist shops, galleries and weekly market. C-mine and Vennestraat make an exciting combination: one inspires and captivates and the other invites you to relax and have fun.

Product Design LUCA C-mine

Erasmus Exchange in Product Design

Our degree stands for academic education and research in the field of Product Design with a critical and visionary view on society. The Product Design program aims to encourage its students and teachers to respond to a rapidly changing society based on their own identity, in which product designers can make a difference.

We offer the interesting design modules for international students, depending on the chosen Semester. The design modules are theme directed. The design assignments are contextualized within a particular theme that poses a Contemporary Design Challenge. This gives students insight into how design shapes a world in change and what the designer's role can be in this.

Contact: Ms Virginia Tassinari via email to discover more on the available Exchange Semesters

Download the courses for Product Design

Erasmus Exchange in Game Design

We stimulate and educate students to create innovative games in different formats;  from classic interactive board games up to VR games and beyond. We provide an enthusiast team of lecturers whom work in the game industry or apply their competence and insights from their research projects. Our mission is to personally guide students in one-on-one sessions and team projects. The final objective is to educate game designers that can create full functional games for Indie, entertainment, customers, education or other purposes. Within our 4-year master degree we offer an exchange Semester on the 3rd bachelor level.

Visualization: in 2D (Drawing + Concept Art) and 3D (Blender) to animate your creations
Technology: convert your ideas into code (C# or other) and integrate these into a (Unity) game engine
Concept: play with the rules of game design and mechanisms to create a fun experience

Contact: Mr Jan Louis De Bruyn via email to discover the Exchange Semesters (3rd bachelor)

Erasmus Exchange in Animation Film

Our degree welcomes engaged and critical students who want to develop professional all round level skills in Animation. We provide an energetic team of lecturers (almost all renowned professionals) who maintain warm and personal contact with students.
By means of intensive individual coaching, we encourage our students to explore their interests and to become an innovator in the style(s) that match their abilities.

In the first year we provide a strong basis in the most important animation film techniques (2D, 3D, stop motion), and skills (screenwriting, storyboarding, animation, sound design, postproduction, ...). During later years we expect our students to become researchers, who pursue a personal trajectory within a chosen style, and who are able to express their view on society and the world.

Contact: Mr Geert Van Goethem via email to discover your Exchange Semesters (2nd bachelor)

Erasmus Exchange in Photography

Our degree flows the Photographic Image, Visual Design, and Moving Image seamlessly together. We train our students to be strong visual storytellers who can tell stories in an innovative experimental and hybrid way at the intersection between the arts and the creative industry.

We experiment with analogue alternative processes and combine these with the latest computational imaging techniques, 3D visualizations, film and creative coding. Thanks to the strongly developed curriculum, which bears witness to an interaction between practice, theory and research, you will develop your own image strategy and working method as an innovative visual storyteller.

As a student, you will be intensively and individually coached by a strong team of lecturers and international visiting professors to develop unique authorship. We train our students to become independent, artistic and innovative photographers, media designers, or art directors ready for the future.

Contact: Mr Kristof Vrancken via email to discover your Exchange Semester

How to apply

All Erasmus+ Exchange Students need to apply via the general application procedure of the LUCA School of Arts. During your application process you can indicate the C-mine campus and the degree you wish.

Your International Office needs to nominate you via email and then you can proceed into the next application step.

The deadline for the Autumn Semester is 30th April.
The deadline for the Spring Semester is 1st November.

Outcome Exchange Application

The outcome of the application can be expected within 6 weeks after the application deadline. Both you and your international coordinator will be informed about the result of your application by personal e-mail, there is no need to inquire about the outcome yourself.

Contact our International Office

If you wish to receive more information on exchange possibilities, a project opportunity, a campus visit, ... you can contact our International Officer Jan Louis De Bruyn via email of via phone (+32 (0)2 447 10 87). He will assist you or provide you with the information you need.

Our office is your gateway for information on our study degrees, research teams or specific people you are looking for.

Professional cooperation

Besides Erasmus+ Student Exchanges our campus is open for other forms of cooperation such as teacher staff exchange, site visits, a joint project, in our Research Groups, ...
For that you can always contact Jan Louis as International Officer (via email) and from there on you have a good starting point to be introduced in our campus eco system.